No Worries Loans Took Money I Got It Back

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In a moment of desperation I applied for a loan via No Worries Loans.
After an inital chat I went with the idea.
When they called for the "go" I said "no" and they said you need to call customer services.
Phone calls for 3 days, 20 mins on hold and alas they took £79 from my account.

Now 3 Months later 54 letters, yes, 54 to the FreePost address. Just write the same letter print 54 copies, print 54 lables and put 5 a day in the post box and................

Last week I had a letter and £79 back in my account...

So dont give up, keep pushing....

Now just to get the loan I need........
My little Sister told me to join.
So thank her for my rants. Can I get my Debts gone soon? Where did all my customers go?


  • At a moment of madness and thinking I was speaking to Santender ended up in the same position. What started as a romantic dream of taking my wife on her dream holiday this summer, well its ended at a wet weekend at Blackpool.

    Once I realised I wasn’t speaking to Santender, the fifth person I was transferred to gave the came away!! Once I realised this I cancelled all details I was giving and told them I no longer wanted to continue. Googled whom I now know who I was speaking too and checked my online banking... Wentworth had tried to take £69.95, which I put a stop to *wipes sweat from forehead*.. Checks account a day later and someone called No Worries had taken £69.95 out instead!!! Only once on the call was I advised of a charge, which I thought would be added to the loan as I thought it was Santender...

    Anyway, sent my letter on the 18th Jan requesting by law a refund minus £5 (though I think it should be the full cost as I didn’t sign anything or use their services). Nothing back yet, two weeks after a recorded letter was sent I am very much doubting they are going to action it. The bank said after 4 week they can help me get the money back, but I doubt they will.

    I do like the sound of the freepost address and flood them.
  • :(I decided to pay off my two expensive credit cards and thought I'd get a loan, actually came on this website read the article about credit checks so decided to check myself. Despite a good job, above average salery, same address for 10+yrs, always paid my debts, I had a "Poor" rating, the Credit Expert site helps you find a lender who will deal with you as I thought I would get turned for a balance transfer deal. Ended up being forwarded through their links to NoWorries and applied on line, they telephoned said the loan was no problem but I would have to pay the fully refundable £69.99 broker charge then just sign the documentation and the money would be mine, they told me the apr, repayment term etc. Then (cringe) they put through to another dept and guy said I needed to take a small loan for £100 to boost my credit score, honestly did try to say no but he was very convincing, it seemed he'd done the deal before I could take a breath. Was a bit "worried" then I started being bombarded by telephone calls, e mails and texts from the world and his dog. Phoned today and repaid the £100 and got charged £25 for the privlidge, tried to cancel the loan application, apparently can only do that in writing and not email, have spent ages unregistering my e mail address with dodgy companies. I know, I know how stupid I am I, but the icing on the cake is I applied to a well known high street credit card provider with a great 0% deal for well over year and got accepted straight away even with my apparently rubbish credit score. Checked the credit rating agencies and no worries have not carried out a check on me, which is good, the credit card company did! I really do think NoWorries are very misleading it may be legal what they do but its not nice. Would rather have given £90 to charity!!! and yes I know this site does advise against all of the above, lesson learnt the hard way!
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