'“Pay what you think it’s worth” massages – guilt trip pricing?' blog discussion



  • Solomon_Broad
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    I wouldn't use such services, but not because of the price. I just wouldn't want a complete stranger touching me like that. I'd be charging them for the honour of laying their hands on me, rather than them charging me. ;)

    I don't see a problem with the charging policy, though. As long as they state up front, and it's clear, then it seems to me that that's fair. How much they're charging is a separate issue, as they aren't actually charging - you're deciding how much to pay them, rather than them deciding how much you're going to pay them. If you aren't comfortable, then you can just walk away.
  • AlexandraT
    AlexandraT Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    As a very busy massage therapist myself, I think this is outrageous. If these people don't know what they're worth, then they shouldn't be in business! I charge £15 - £20 for a full HOUR's massage! £10 for 10 minutes is sheer greed! Don't go there, book with a proper, well trained therapist with experience who knows exactly what he/she's worth and don't waste your money on gimmicky tricks!
  • Frankie56
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    I notice magababe18 said the angels often work in pubs and clubs and have to avoid people who are very drunk in case they throw up. Clients should not be massaged if they have been drinking alcohol or are going to drink alcohol as it could make them suffer a much worse hangover. The fact that the angels do massage drunk people suggests they either do not know the contra-indications and contra-actions or choose to ignore them.

    Do they fill in a consultation form to find out if the client is healthy enough to have a massage? Do they tell the clients what the after affects could be? Do they give the clients aftercare advice? Or is it actually just a quick back rub rather than a proper massage?

    The price they charge suggests at least degree-level training but what they offer certainly doesn't.
  • crazy_girl_2
    crazy_girl_2 Forumite Posts: 29 Forumite
    Dont like the sound of this at all !! I'm a fully qualified and insured massage therapist. Were these 'angels' displaying their qualifications ? £10 for 10 minutes, as suggested, is too expensive anyway - I wouldn't ask that much. Dont know why people feel they would have to over-pay for some reason - If they advertise pay what you think its worth - I wouldn't feel embarrassed paying less than £10.00. Have the treatment and pay a couple of quid - they are the ones putting themselves in this position - and undermining professional therapists like me.
  • crazy_girl_2
    crazy_girl_2 Forumite Posts: 29 Forumite
    What qualifications do you actually have ???

    hi everyone:)
    i work for massage angels which also owns ibiza angels (not to be confused with the 3 minute angels in australia ‘sweetnothings’) and i can vouch that they are a great company to work for with lovely girls and the training is really excellent. I am a bit confused with all your comments as never any customer complained directly to me ...

    In regards to this blog, it has always been explained to me that the ‘pay what you feel it’s worth’ concept is designed to encourage angels to better the standard of their massages, which in turn would make us more money and it does work.

    The company provides us with free training and retraining whenever we want and again this is to encourage us to be a good as we possibly can. The company also only charges us a set fee to work and so it’s up to us how much we earn. However; there are rules about how we can say and how we explain ‘pay what you feel it’s worth’. £10 is a simply rough guide or ‘price indication’ which i think is reasonable. I can assure all of you that my 10 minute massage is definitely worth £10 please so please feel free to come and experience it for yourselves.

    There is actually a promotion on this month that if you mention the password phrase “i need energising” before 11.30am to any of the staff, it’s free!i will personally guaranty a great experience to you all...just ask for me!

    Btw - if your sister ‘oddball553’ only lasted 5 weeks in the job and only made £30 a night, it probably wasn’t the job for her. Ibiza angels has well over 100 staff on the books and many of them have been with the company for years. I am with them for a while and i even recommended it to 2 of my close friends.they love it!

    For me, this job have given me enormous confidence as i can earn good money from making people feel good, whilst still having the time to follow my career as a singer. So i’m a big fan!

    So give us a chance and come to see us in the mornings you will not regret it :)))
    xxx noellie
  • Richard019
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    edited 13 January 2011 at 3:09AM
    I am just starting a business myself offering wedding videography. I was thinking of offering a pay what you think it's worth pricing policy. I think it's maybe a high risk strategy but I'm keen to see just what my work is worth to the people who employ me. I want to do a great job and offer value for money and demonstrate my confidence through my pricing policy. The question is, how many people would think it's a great idea that ensures they get a good end product or would we this be too awkward and we'd be afraid we'd get the price wrong?

    It might just be me but it would put me off using you to be honest. I can't imagine going to my fiance (and not just because I haven't met her yet) and saying "I could have booked us one of these expensive wedding videoers, but instead I've gone with this company that'll let us decide what it's worth when we see how good they are" and then living to see the wedding.

    I think the system has a place where there's everyday products involved because if you give less you can say it wasn't as good as what you've had from elsewhere at a slightly higher price and it's not really insulting the staff. Where it's a service (like the massages) I don't like it and like I said earlier I'd try to turn it on the staff.

    In either case though you don't mind gambling on it because if it's rubbish you've not really lost anything. With a wedding video though you can't just choose to go elsewhere next time (at least not unless you have a midlife crisis that sees you trade the Mrs in for a trophy wife half your age ;)) , you want the confidence that the product will be good to start with and I don't get that feeling from a "pay what you think it's worth" offer. It strikes me as a down market thing to do, I could imagine Easyjet doing a promotion like that for example, but I don't think you'd see someone like BA doing it.
  • ceebeeby
    ceebeeby Forumite Posts: 4,357 Forumite
    This reminds me of my experience of emergency medical care in the Cairo Museum recently. I "came round" to discover I'd had two injections containing goodness knows what (to be fair it did make me feel 100% better and absolutely no pain!) plus oxygen and all sorts. I reached for my bag to fish out my insurance documents, but was told by the "doctor" that that wasn't necessary and that they were a charity and were happy to look after the English for a small donation. I asked what the small donation was and she told me whatever I thought my life was worth (!!!!) I said no, that made me feel very very bad, and either to do the insurance claim or tell me a price - but she point blank refused. I felt so ill and unwell, I wasn't really sure what was happening anyway, so I gave her 100 Egyptian Pounds (about a tenner) which she scornfully looked at - and she repeated this until I'd literally emptied my purse (about 500 Egyptian Pounds maybe??) ane even then she didn't look very pleased!

    It was horrible - humiliating! I mean really, how much was receiving health care worth - and who knows what it was - very dodgy altogether and probably highly illegal, even in Egypt!!!
  • crazy_girl_2
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    I see there was no response to my question from the 'Angels' - as to what actual qualifications they have ????? Hmmm...
  • sabretoothtigger
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    I'd revert to the barter trade since theres no price, give them something I'd just bought maybe a Snickers :D
  • snowmoonelk
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    AlexandraT wrote: »
    As a very busy massage therapist myself, I think this is outrageous. If these people don't know what they're worth, then they shouldn't be in business! I charge £15 - £20 for a full HOUR's massage! £10 for 10 minutes is sheer greed! Don't go there, book with a proper, well trained therapist with experience who knows exactly what he/she's worth and don't waste your money on gimmicky tricks!

    I don't know where you are practising from, but for a whole hour, £15 - £20 is far too cheap! I charge £35 for an hour of sports/aroma/Swedish with the option of half an hour for £20.

    I bet there are therapists in your area who wouldn't take too kindly to you undercutting their prices!
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