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Great 'Biggest Christmas waste of money?' Hunt

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  • ammoniteammonite Forumite
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    i think the gift set thing is because they look more expensive than they are. If I bought 3 lush bath bombs (for example, as a poster further up said they would prefer that!) then that looks really measley compared to a gift set of £10. I think people give gift sets because they don't want to look tight, but often can't afford anything more than a few quid. My friend asked for makeup for xmas, but the make up she uses is MAC, Benefit, at least £15 per piece (or more) and if I gave her just one it would look sooooo mean - and I can't afford to give her two at £30-£40.

    Back on topic - crackers are begrudged spend for me, but seem expected! and work nights out where the food is expensive for something that looks like it would be served on an aeroplane
  • Willow92Willow92 Forumite
    2.2K posts
    I do love christmas coz I've always celebrated it either with my mum or dad. This year will be the first away from both of them as I'm spending it with my fiance. This does mean we've had to but decorations new but they should last us a couple of years as we've picked our favourite colours (purple, black and silver). I don't see the point in spending like £50 on a christmas tree when you could probably get the same thing for £10 elsewhere. I bought a Tesco Value 5ft tree for £6 and I don't see any problem with it. When I lived in a hostel we could afford fancy decorations so we bought a 2ft tree and I tied pieces of fabric round the branches along with pegs (I have no idea why) and 8 little mirrorball baubles oh and I made an angel for the top out of a loo roll tube :)

    This year I found that tree again and put it back up but I couldn't find the angel so I pinned the dried rose from my mum's civil partnership last christmas eve to the top of the tree instead of buying anything fancy. I also wrapped my bright pink fairy lights from about 3 years ago round the tree.

    I think the smellies gift sets are pretty pointless, I'd actually be a lot happier if everyone bought me 3 bottles of Tesco Value shower gel each coz then I know I'd use them! I also don't understand the mad christmas eve rush round shops every year.
    Savings £7,251.33 £/15,000 :T Aiming to save enough for a house deposit.
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