30th Birthday challenge



  • Reality here is that this is a personal decision and each to their own. I can see the mathematics of savings over paying down the mortgage - but as you said this is in many ways an emotional decision which you take for yourself based around how you feel about having a mortgage.
    I would not want to urge you either way, make your own call - preference of seeing a falling mortgage or making a higher amount in interest.
    We chose a little of both - off setting would certainly be worthwhile if you are planning to access the money again at some point in the future.
    RosieTiger - Highest £242,000 Feb 2004 :mad:
    Lightbulb Dec 2008 £146,000 by March 2026:eek:
    MFi3T2 and T3 No 28 - Dec 2009 Start Balance £117,000
    Current Position-Fully off set by savings since March 2013
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