electric shower

Hi, I have just had a new electric shower fitted.

My old shower I used to turn off with the ceiling pull as well. This new one has a huge super on / off button thats lit up all the time. would it cause damage to the shower to continue to do this ( the last only lasted 4 years) or would leaving it turned on make a big difference energy wise?


  • Well you should still be able to turn it off with the ceiling pull. In fact i believe your required to have a secondary way of isolation besides the fuse box.

    The light will eventually wear out properly an Led light so it'll last for donkeyies. It will use more power power leaving it on all the time but it'll probably be negligible.

    Some argue that electrical things should be left switch on all the time to reduce component ware from cycling and others argue that being left all the time causes more wear. God knows who right.
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