Nurseries in Belfast (East?)

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Hi Folks,
Can anyone reccommend any decent nurseries in East Belfast? I've been around to visit two (wee care and the Mulberry bush) and liked Wee Care very much, but this being my first child and the baby not even born yet I'm still open to other options.
Any thoughts about local nurseries would be great!


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    Came to this thread thinking this was about Garden Centres...
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    Our son has been in Childsplay, facing holywood road police station for past 3 years since he was a baby and we have never had any problems.

    He is always very happy going in and seems to be well looked after.
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    Both my children were in Wee Care on Kings Rd and they loved it (they still talk about it and they are 20 and 14!).
    Another option is Oasis in Castlereagh Street which is operated by a Church and I know it is very good and cheaper than Wee Care.
    Ring 02890 872277 to get Oasis details - Catherine or Andrew Dornan.
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    Hi Folks,
    Thanks very much for the replies.
    Wee Care does look like it's a lot of fun.
    I'd forgotten about Childsplay though! I've made an appointment to have a look around there on Tuesday. Thanks very much!
  • can i ask what price i can expect to pay the missus is thinking of going back to work and we have a 2 and a half year old and a one year old to get looked after
    all views, comments and opinions are mine and i have the right to be wrong
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    Women should stay at home and raise the kids
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    Good idea in theory BigAl but have you tried paying the mortgage and bills these days not to mention keeping the kids
    all views, comments and opinions are mine and i have the right to be wrong
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    The tax credit system is skewed to deter women from staying at home so you get the double whammy of loss of income and a drop in tax credits! I know because I did it.
    For the OP - as someone who had her first in a nursery - have you considered a childminder? I used a nursery that was considered to be good but the kids change carers regularly (the kids go to different rooms as they get older) and I don't think it's the ideal. Siblings won't be together. Any research I've read suggests that it's continuity that is important for a child and a childminder offers that more than a nursery. Childminders tend to be older and have had their own kids so they have more experience. They are checked regularly and usually belong to NICMA so they are registered. Also they are self employed so they will earn a decent salary without charging a premium and they are not being exploited (the turnover of staff in nurseries is high as they earn very low wages and can have poor working conditions).
    When I go back to work I won't use a nursery unless I can't find a childminder. I hope I won't upset too many people saying this but I think putting my child in a nursery had a negative effect on her development. And forget about the 'socialising' element of nurseries - they get plenty of that when they go to school!
    Andykolo - expect to pay upwards from £3 an hour. You can get vouchers (under a salary sacrifice scheme) from your employer to help and tax credits too although the SSS can work against the TCs.
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    I have used Rascals at Stormont in the past. I found them to be excellent. I looked round Wee Care and thought it was lovely but the waiting list was really long:eek: so you need to get the name down early. At the time it cost £100 per week for full time. Now it's probably about £130 or more. Not sure though. I now have 2 kids and can only afford to send the 2nd child for 2 mornings a week. First child now in school and I also use an excellent childminder.
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