A very negative experience with Foreign & Colonial (F&C) Investments

After receiving my Child Trust Fund voucher from HM government, I started investigating where it could be put to best use. One of the companies I contacted, twice in this case, was F&C investments, with a request that they inform me which of their specific CTF shares accounts did not invest in munitions nor tobacco companies.

In spite of chasing them up twice, they neither returned my calls nor contacted me with the required information.

So if you have any ethical concerns about investments for your offspring - you know who to steer clear of.


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    Same post again? OK but perhaps just a little OTT? Would class that as nearer "mildly annoying".

    "A very negative experience" is the getting interfered with at choir practice sort of thing.
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    @ AussiePeter

    Although it is a market leader in ethically screened investments, F&C does not actually offer any ethically screened funds through its shares CTF. (This is because the 'ethical' funds are open-ended/OEICs and the funds available through the CTF are closed-ended/investment trusts.)

    Therefore the answer to the question is 'none' if you want to buy a CTF from F&C, or 'plenty' if you want to buy an OEIC.

    There are CTF providers who offer specific ethically screened accounts. I suggest you look at one of those instead.
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    I too am interested in where my savings (little as they are) and those on behalf of my child are invested. Thanks for making this post: I'll be asking the Children's Mutual where my son's CTF is invested.
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