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How to model a Santa for your homemade Christmas cake

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How to model a Santa for your homemade Christmas cake

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siren13577siren13577 Forumite
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Hi everyone,

This is a great forum. I saw a recipe for Christmas cake and thought this would be nice to use if you're making your own cake.

After you've baked it and are ready to cover brush your cake with boiled apricot jam or shredless marmalade(must be boiled) and cover with marzipan. Brush marzipan with water and drape over with icing and trim. If this sound hard, get some royal icing, follow the instructions on the pack and spread it on the cake and peak it, this is really easy but remember to leave a smooth bit for your model. If you're covering it with roll out icing smooth it with the palm of your hand till smooth and slightly shiny.

Here's the link for the Santa:

He's quite easy, but the hardest bit is his beard. If you can't buy the colours and have to colour it yourself, do the lightest colours first, you won't get any colour transference and wrapped the colours individually in plastic bags, this will stop them from drying out.

On that site is some other models and it is really good, I used it for my sugarcraft class coursework at college.

Who knows maybe you could all make them and sell them to friend and family?

This section is good for your children:
If you go here:
it tells you how to bake and ice the cake first.

Happy Christmas to Everyone...........mmmmmmmmmm bit early :rolleyes:

By the way, the sticks from Santa's neck is spaghetti, it's is still edible as it goes soft in the icing.
:A :


Keep Smiling:D

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    Also to add to the above tips if you can leave the marzipan for 24 hrs to dry that would be even better. I usually leave mine for a week before putting the sugarpaste on but preferably don't leave any longer. Put a very small dusting of icing sugar on your hands and smooth over then place in box until you are ready to sugarpaste.
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