what gave you your lightbulb moment



  • chevalier
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    I came here in sept 2007, having taken out a 20,000 loan to "sort myself out". I remember standing in the car park getting the loan agreed and my my poor friend waiting for me to get off the phone. I felt sick, how could they be lending me 20,000 that was mental.

    Any how after an awful summer I found this place, lots happened, I had to dental work done and the car fixed (totalled about 4 grand on the CC). I hated my job and realised that unlike before I couldn't just up and leave how the hell would I pay the loan?

    I did not like that feeling and vowed never stitch myself up like it again.

    This place actually gave me a future without debt and some utterly brilliant friends. I am about 6 months away from being Debtfree. I am so excited about it! And very grateful.


    Wow only 6 months buffy that is awesome! then you can come out an do your job out here!:D
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
  • keza
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    My lightbulb moment was when i had a catalogue bill come in for £200 for one payment due to 'buy now pay later' purchases mounting up and at the time my eldest brother was on a DMP.

    All it took for me was for my dad to say 'you getting just like ur brother'. from then on i made a plan! it took me 2years but i got there and have now paid for my wedding (well most of it) without using credit.

    I wont ever go down that road again! my highest debt was probably £19,000k

    Current Mortgage balance - £348,607.76/£395,999.
    Tesco - £9,757.91
    HSBC - £7,186.54
  • KingElvis wrote: »
    My God, I must admit your few sentences stopped me in my tracks....

    I really hope it's worked out for you :o

    All the best to you and your son from Elvis

    thanks a lot. that was about a year and a half ago and i took it hard. we werent even owing them that much (think it was about £150) BUT Id let it go stupidly till it got to that point.

    i now obtain my credit report every time i have paid off a debt and now only owe about £600 left to pay (on a different debt) till im debt free.

    in the last month alone i have saved £700 in cash.
    I will never be in a situation like that again. a debt diary helped me, it was getting to the point that (although i was earning decent money) i couldnt afford to put petrol in the car and was borrowing every week.

    it is so nice seeing actual money available in my bank account instead of the usual 31p
  • Sadly for me it was when a baliff letter arrived on my floor (1st visit) and i realised that I needed to sort it out as it was unfair to my parents. I used to run a pub that crashed so I moved back to my parents home. Lost my partner too and ignored my debts. So now i have to settle an £800 odd one as the bailiffs are knocking (for council tax).

    But then to highten my lightbulb moment after this and reading some of the other stories on here I have now decided to tackle them all So i am applying for my credit file as i know I owe atleast 3k and it would be nice to wake up one morning with money in my bank and do what i like without thinking about when im going to recieve that next letter. It all catches us in the end may as well fight it head on
  • Watalie
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    I like this thread :)

    Mine was knowing I was going to be moving in with my b/f but also having 2 payday loans which I was terribly ashamed of.

    I earn a decent salary but instead of being sensible, I was too frivilous.

    We want to get married, buy a house and really want to start a family but I won't do it till the debt is all paid off. One payday loan will be gone at the end of this month and the other by the end of next month - it's been hard going but soooooo worth it.

    I took the bull by the horns and signed up to Credit Expert - yes it's 6.99 per month but.... to me it's worth every penny and I check it about twice a week lol! Bit of overkill but it keeps me on track.
  • Mine was when me and OH had a chat about trying for a baby. We had intended trying in Summer this year but when we sat down and worked out what I will earn when on maternity leave, there was no way we could pay our mortgage, bills and all the payments to loans/credit cards without both our full wages. So our incentive to pay our debts back is that we want to start a family so much, and we want to be financially stable when we do. Things are hard at the moment as we don't get to spend any time together but come December we will be debt free and trying for a baby and have every weekend together again, I can't wait!! :)
    Lightbulb moment - 1 August 2010
    Debts: Argos - [STRIKE]£600 [/STRIKE][STRIKE]£400 [/STRIKE][STRIKE]£325[/STRIKE] £0, Homebase - [STRIKE]£600[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£400[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£325[/STRIKE] £0, HSBC Credit Card - [STRIKE]£500[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£400[/STRIKE] £0, Next - [STRIKE]£50[/STRIKE] £0, Capital One A - [STRIKE]£1000[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£300[/STRIKE] £0, Capital One B - [STRIKE]£100[/STRIKE] £0, Vanquis - [STRIKE]£550[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£100[/STRIKE] £0, NW Credit Card - [STRIKE]£3800[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£3300[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£970[/STRIKE] £0, Funding Corporation - [STRIKE]£445[/STRIKE] £0
  • EB69
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    My moment was the other day when I realised I was maxed out on my cards, overdraft etc and instead of taking a look at the finances I stuck yet another holiday on my "emergency" card. I have started hiding my spending from my partner (we dont live together so its not hard to do that) but the fact I am lying to him about what I spend made me question why, and its because I realise I have a problem and need to get it under control. When I did the SoA today I was shocked and embarrassed and I am determined that withint six months I will have cleared all the smaller debts and be left just with the 26k personal loan and 12k credit card. I am then going to blitz those, although I would think that's going to take probably a couple of years.
  • Sassers
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    Hi there :wave:
    I had my first lightbulb in 2006 - that's when I joined here.
    I had a nervous breakdown due to bad health, an even worse now very ex-boyfriend who took me for an idiot and about £12k, and I also just avoided losing my house by the skin of my teeth.:eek:
    I dreaded the postman and didn't open my letters for a year.
    My house was a mouldy tip - all down to the depression. Then one day when the gloom lifted, I decided to start clearing the rubbish. And I've got better and come on a million miles since then, with several lighbulbs along the way................
    Thirty-six black bags of rubbish and junk later clearing the house, and lots of DIY such as laying concrete floors, plastering etc, this was my therapy and anti-depressants, and support from my mum and stepdad, to have a home that was liveable.....
    I got better, went back to work FT and also got a PT job as well. I've been working seven days a week for over a year now and I'm really happy.:D
    My most recent lightbulb was two weeks ago. :rotfl:
    Sitting there after work one night, I realised my PAD (Payment a day - check out our thread it's brill) total couldn't have been calculated correctly....so out came all the debt letters, the re-mortgage and mortgage ones. And the calculator (lol) :cool:
    I'm really proud of doing this as I've been scared of the post for so long and I'm number dyslexic,......:oso I added it ALL up, discovered (rolls eyes) I was £15k short of my entire debt and mortage total but.................:cool:
    .............I am now on my way again to paying off my debts. And because it's accurate, I know that once it is all paid off, I will never, ever, ever put myself in this situation again.
    My ship will come in, in about five to 10 years time, at the moment it's chugging away on the horizon....:T
    .....but with all the D/D's and standing orders going out, I will be debt-free and mortgage free around the same time.
    Pay little and often with debts, my online bank accepts 1p payments, and be mindful of what you spend.
    There's always hope! And I'm the living proof of it because a couple of years ago, I honestly thought I'd be better off dead.:(
    I know much differently now though !
    Sorry to waffle and big huggles to you all. I hope everyone's ship comes in one day.......
    Love Sassers xx
    Current debt and mortgage: £25, 820.35 Debt/Mortgage at start: £92,598 (27/09/2010)
  • My light-bulb moment was this sept. I knew over the years I had been over spending my credit rating was excellect they were throwing loans cards etc at me, so I took silly me. I went shopping to tesco and my card was refused my cc was maxed so had no money to pay for the shopping ! the assistent told me to use the cash point outside and she would hold my shopping for me. Of- course I went to check my account NO FUNDS !!I felt like a criminal and walked all around the car park so no one would see me and got in and drove off. I have never been back since. That was when I realised how stupid I had been and have very little to show for it. In total I owed £20,000 .I was too frightened to answer the phone or door and wouldnt open any letters.
    I now realise that this has to be paid back. I have talked to all my creditors written letters and cut all cards up.I check my account every day instead of leaving it for weeks. Count how much money I have spent each day which has gone from £10 pd to £3. My life is starting to get better I can sleep and eat and have cut down but I know really I have to do alot more to clear these debts. I want to be debt free and make more cut backs so it is not with me for years and years.My whole attitude has changed instead of wasting and spending Im now looking at saving and not spending unless absolutley necessary. This is all thanks to this site. Thanks to everyone on here for all their support and advise we could not do it without you x
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    I'd always been nervous about our large cc and loan debts but OH was always "we're both working, we can afford the repayments, stop worrying" etc, etc. Then the inevitable happened and he lost his job in the recession. It was a relief to finally face up to our debt problems, (which WERE a problem, despite what he said!) and although our DMP looks set to run for quite a few years yet, it's so good to be able to pay our bills on time and to be able to save for the first time ever. Our DMP is allowing us to save for a badly-needed new boiler which would have been put on our cards had we bought it a year ago. And would have cost us twice as much :mad:

    I hardly ever go shopping now, unless it's for something which is absolutely essential. I look at the piles of t-shirts and jumpers in my wardrobe and the heap of DVD's and books and just shudder at the amount of money that we've wasted over the years. Eight months into our DMP and I can honestly say, it's the best thing we ever did. We don't feel that we are missing out, we still eat well enough, we still watch films and listen to music and we can still scrub up well enough for a rare night out. (I grab my sister's cast-offs so I always have something new to wear anyway ;)) Long live MSE and the DFW board, we couldn't have done it without you all!
    "I may be many things but not being indiscreet isn't one of them"
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