Rally Against Water Charges

in N. Ireland
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    D.A. wrote:
    Do you have ANY proof for that statement whatsoever? The asbestos will be in sealed containers. And, if I'm not mistaken, the Crosshill Road is miles away from the shores of Lough Neagh.

    Stop trying to whip up mass hysteria and provide some scientific proof to back up what you're saying.

    D.A. You should read a little more carefully and check on the location of the Crosshill Road. The site at the Crosshill Road borders onto the shores of Lough Neagh.

    The sealed containers will be opened on site and loads will be consolidated from container to container. What this means is that the containers will be opened and that asbestos will be transferred from one container to the other. The asbestos will mostly be in the form of contaminated building rubble and will be within plastic bags. There is a danger of these plastic bags being punctured during the transit of the asbestos to the site and in the subsequent transfer from container to container. While there is only a risk of this happening, there is a risk, nevertheless. It is this risk that we need to be aware of!

    As for whipping up mass hysteria, I am trying to make people aware of the issues that will affect the quality of the water supplied within the North.

    Scientific Fact 1: It is a well known fact that asbestos is a known carcinogen.
    Scientific Fact 2: Asbestos in the drinking water can result in colon cancer.

    I could go on but there is any amount of info. available on this on the web.


    Irrespective of the monetary cost of water rates to us, the taxpayers and ratepayers of NI, the true cost of the asbestos site will be with us for years and for generations. You will be forcing your children, and your childrens' children ad infinitum, to drink and bathe in water that may be exposed to asbestos minerals and fibres.

    Note D.A. that my language states that there may be a risk to our children and childrens' children. If you choose to ignore this, then that's your choice.

    Please could I ask you to read some of the material available on the web dedicated to this issue, and to take an interest in what is happening in your locality, particularly with regard to possible health issues.
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    i have no objection to paying for my water i just dont want to pay over the nose for what is after all a neceesity. I have heard that you can get the water meter installed yourself at a cost of around £200 (dont know whether this is accurate so don't quote me!) What I want to know is are they going to reduce the rates to allow for the extra we pay for our water when it starts?

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  • I would have thought with the elections coming up on May 5th and EVERYBODY looking for votes... that NOW would be a good time to give our elected respresentatives a bit of earache on this subject (and on the matter of our ever increasing property rates at the same time!)

    Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLA's), Members of Parliament (MP's) and Members of the European Parliament (MEP's) are the public's voice in the political arena. You voted for them so they have a responsibility to address any suggestions, issues or concerns that you may have - that is what they are paid for!


    Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)
    You can find out who your MLA is by contacting the Northern Ireland Assembly on 028 9052 1333 or by checking the Northern Ireland Assembly website.
    Then send your letter to: (Name of your MLA)
    Northern Ireland Assembly
    Parliament Buildings
    BT4 3XX

    Members of Parliament (MP)
    All Northern Ireland MP's can be contacted at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. If you are unsure who your MP is ring the House of Commons enquiry line on 020 7219 4272 and give them your postcode. You can also find your local MP's details on the House of Commons website;

    Members of the European Parliament (MEP)
    For names and addresses of Northern Ireland MEP's contact the UK Office of the European Parliament on 020 7227 4300 or visit the European Parliament website

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