sacked for being off sick

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    Very odd.
    If he wasn't there, there is obviously no misconduct on that date - unless there is any suggestion that it was what he was doing away from work which has displeased them.

    Maybe there has been a mix-up in the HR department - like wrong person (similar names?) or wrong file picked up.

    On Monday he should phone and contact the person from whom the letter was sent and calmly ask why he has received this letter.
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    Did your friend phone and speak to his manager to report in sick? The breach might be that although the sick line was sent in work has not made it from HR to his line manager who has reported him as awol?

    Thats all i can think of. Hope your friend feels better soon and the misunderstanding with their work gets clarified.
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    ecgirl07 thanks"
    He colapsed at work gushing of blood and fainted, on Saturday and his superviser did not call for an ambulance but called a taxi for him to go to the hospital instead..... And also told him not to come into work untill his area manager calls him on the monday (The area manager did not call) But my friend sent him a text which he has saved on his phone. I told him to get the sick note from the doctor as i thought somthing was odd about this - And my thoughts were right to think like that.
    LittleVoice thanks"
    There are only three people that work there so i doubt that it is a case of mistaken identiy,
    These things which he is accused of on that day....are things that could only happen at the work place and not out side work.....
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    Well, if what is complained of can only be done at his place of work and he wasn't there, how will they produce any evidence to support their claim.

    Will your friend be accompanied at this disciplinary meeting? (That's assuming that he is fit enough to attend.)

    Is what he is accused of anything to do with the reason for him to have "collapsed at work gushing blood"?
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