Just recieved someone elses mortgage details with my statement!!!!

Yesterday i recieved a letter from Future Mortgages which contained a balance on my mortgage that i asked for. In the same envelope is someone elses mortgage details!! Its a full redemption statement giving me all the datails for the other person. It gives name, address, account number, mortgage balance, monthly payment - you name it, its here!! How can they do this? I could call up, pretend to be mr x and change allsorts on his account. Its crazy! Im not sure if part of my letter is missing. What should i do about this? I cannot trust this company at all now!


  • Flippin heck! I would ring them asap and check what you should have received and at the same time ask for reassurance about the security of your details.
    Might also be tempted to send the other stuff to the people involved and tell them what happened if you have the address amongst the details.
    Not good - not at all good!
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