Regular overpayments on Flexi mortgage

Hi, I have 15 years left to pay on my mortgage and recently after speaking to someone at my mortgage provider set up a standing order. I explained to them I wanted to make regular over payments on my mortgage. The reason for a SO was so I had control and could increase payments once I've paid off the 0% CC at the end of the year. I got my mortgage statement yesterday and had two statements - one was my mortgage showing the DD payments. The second was a "savings" account showing my SO payments + 2 pence interest!! I phoned up to query why this hasn't gone off the capitol repayment as I originally asked and didn't really get a satisfactory answer. Originally my mortgage was a 2% reduced rate for two years and when this ended I changed to a BoE tracker as it allowed me to make overpayments without penalty. The girl on the phone says to get my SO payments taken off the capitol I will have to phone up every month after they receive payment and request this. Is this usual? Is there another way I could do this?
Thanks for any advice.
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