Joint Mortgage, where do I stand after seperating?

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Hope someone can help as I really dont know where to turn.
I am 25 years old and have had a mortgage with my ex partner for 3 years. We had a 100% mortgage as didnt have any deposit. We were in mortgage arrears but are now up to date. The house was worth 100k and we still owe that now.
We seperated back in May, and he agreed to take over everything which I agreed to, but told him that if he messed up then I would go to a solicitor.
I have now had calls from Council Tax saying he owes £600 and water rates saying he hasnt paid anything since I left. I have contined to pay the mortgage on and off since I went to help him out and I paid £200 off these council tax arrears but cant afford to pay any more as I obviously have to pay rent at my new place.
When we were together I was the one that always paid the mortgage and all the bills and we were SUPPOSED to be living off his wages, which I never saw, due to his drug problem after his father died.
At the end of last year we got into money problems and I found out he had run up a large overdraft on our joint account (which I knew nothing about). This has now resulted in me paying £100 pm to a firm of solicitors. Also at the end of last year I received a letter from a firm of solicitors saying that they were putting a charging order on the house for a credit card that he had and didnt bother paying. This if for about 3k and he is paying them £100 (on and off when he can be bothered.)
He has a lodger in the house now and he should easily be able to afford the mortgage and the bills, but I just cant trust him. The mortgage was due on the 5th of this month and he still hasnt paid it!
I could easily afford the mortgage and the bills on my own.
Where do I stand now as I know if we sold it , we would probably lose at least 15k from when we bought it and I know they wouldnt let just one of us take the mortgage on in sole name.
As I have proof from my bank account that I have been the one paying the mortgage and all bills every month, is there any way that I can get him out of the house and me live there alone and pay everything as he is so untrustworthy and I am so upset that due to him I am never going to get any kind of credit ever again.

I hope somebody can help as I feel I have no where to turn.




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    Sounds like you are currently in a dodgy situation with everything still in joint names. You're jointly liable for all the debts in joint names. I would speak to a solicitor and see what the best way is to get as much as possible moved into his name. It would be good if you could buy him out on the mortgage, but if there is a charge on the property because of his CC debt then this might be more complicated. I would get some advice if I were you, and quickly before he builds up more debt.
    What goes around comes around.....I hope!
  • That's awful Tricia. It's a terrible situation to be in with splitting up anyway regardless of your ex's actions on the mortgage front.

    You must seek a solicitors advice immediately and get all financial ties cut with this man. Like you said you can't trust him and at the moment these ties need to be cut free.

    One consolation is that this has happened now rather than further on down the line when more debt could have been run up. I know it may seem like the end of the world right now and that it's money, money money but you have already made the first step with leaving and posting here. Well done.

    You said that you could easily afford the mortgage on your own - Have you tried asking HIM to leave? He may even be glad to do so under the circumstances.
    I can't be bothered updating this anymore
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