Bad news on the MF front

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Oh !!!!!!s folks, I have just been told I am being made R, and with my OH still not being able to find temp work, it looks like my MF O/P are going to change.

So this is what I am asking advice for:

Carry on o/p £120 / mth


Save it for rainy days that are going to happen.


PS for a MSE good feeling fibe, I went into the office and got told, I have 1,928+175ERC left to pay :)


  • Sorry about your job. What are the prospects of finding a new one in your sector??

    If I was you I would consider what redundency package I would be getting as well as what benefits (if any) and likely hood of another job. Also you OP's Can you withdraw them again if needs be?
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  • We are both in Admin / Secretarial sectors.

    OH has had 5 temp jobs for i.e. in NHS, OGD, and lastly in Residential Housing. The agency normally keep him on a higher wage as he has such fab reviews and the bosses dont want to loose him.

    We had anticipated he would be back in work on the 2 Mondays ago following our camping holiday, but ummm, no luck so far. He has never had a 'working / holiday break' from agencies before :P He is already receiving income based JSA

    RPackage will be 1 mth salary - so could pay 50% off the Mortgage. Mthly interest is under £10+endowment = £35. And no, i will not be able 'withdraw' the funds.

    I also anticipate being able to receive the same JSA. Will get help with CT (i believe). This job is in the construction industry :(
  • AFAIK if both you an OH are out of work then you make a joint JSA claim wich is about £100 a week presuming you live together. you will get help with Ctax but thats about it. As your redundancy payout will be quite small I would save your OP's in an account for the rainy day, you never know redundacy might not happen or your OH could be working by the time it does and you could then used your saved OP's to pay off a lump sum. But in the short term I would be saving them
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    Hi Marie

    My advice would be to get some good lungfulls of country air. Maybe pick some blackberries the two of you and make some nice jam. Walk a few hills, relax a little and prepare yourself for work that will inevitably come around again soon enough.

    Good Luck and plenty of it.

    Someday Soon
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