Continuous Employment?

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I'm looking for information / ideas on the current thinking regarding "continuous employment" for agency staff. For example, let's say I've worked for over 2 years on a full-time agency placement in an organisation ie paid by the agency but working in the organisation. I apply for a post in the organisation, I'm successful and "leave" the agency Friday and "begin" working directly for the organisation Monday. Six months on, the organisation decide to terminate my contract. Do my 2 years+ working in the organisation while on agency placement count towards my length of service - ie continuous employment? Am I entitled to the same rights on "dismissal" as any employee of the organisation with over one year's service ? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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    i believe you would have only worked for that company once you sign the contract so 6 months. at present you are working under contract with the agency.
  • what was the dismissal over,. of course if it was unfair then u can make a fuss about it,. if they just layed u off cuzs there was no work then thats a different matter,..

    yep agreeing with jasonrat ,.. thats the whole point in the firm having workers thru the agency,.
  • I work for a large company and have work along colleagues that are employed via agencies. from my understandings from their expereince, once you have worked there over two years in the same role, you are considered in term os law to have the same rights as a direct employee.

    therefore, you are entitled to all the standard protection that direct employees have. This is not my opnion, but fact which i have heard of HR representatives of my company. In fact, one of my colleagues had worked for my company via agencey for two years in the same role and know enjoys the benefits of having the same rights as direct employees (which as annoyed my senior managers but they can not do anything as its law)
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    I was temping for the organisation I am now permanent with for 2 years. Then I went permanent I've been told the agency time didn't count. I am now doing six months probabtion no sick pay for the first six months.

    I am going to going to the CAB and ask if the company should take the previous two years into account because I'm currently pregnant and if they do I get more pay and more leave.
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