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My GHDs have finally given up the ghost (I have had them for years so I'm not too upset!!). I have heard a few people say the newer GHDs are not quite as smooth in use, so was looking into getting them repaired, and I found a site called, and they are offering some straighteners called Solarzz which are on a seven day trial and are supposedly better than GHD, and only £60 - I wondered if anyone has heard of them/tried them??



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    I have not tried either but know GHD do their own repairs or will discount a new pair for you. My mum had the MK1s for years (I now have them but one of the plates is loose) she now has the MK4s (newest pairs) and they seem fine to me- look more 'finished' then earlier models and if anything are better to use as they beep to tell you when they are ready. Not much difference otherwise but do have more curves so would be easier to curl hair with.

    Ebay also have some GHD repair services I know others on here have used and rated (may be on the GHD thread somewhere) but again, not tried myself. I am trying to not let myself at the GHD for a long while as my hair has been bleached within an inch of its life and I don't think it would thank me!
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