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Worth applying for a mortgage yet?

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Moomin21Moomin21 Forumite
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My boyfriend and I are currently saving for a deposit but want to apply for a mortgage and see what we can get. He has recently been turned down for a loan and a phone contract, will this have a major impact on what we can borrow, and will we need a larger deposit than usual? If so, what sort of percentage?

He earns £19000, i earn £18152 (NHS, Don't ask!) and we have nearly 10k so far. Looking at houses around 100k

Any help much appreciated!



  • Bit concerning about the recent declines - any idea what caused them?
  • herbiesjpherbiesjp Forumite
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    Have you got copies of your credit files, to make sure there are no problems on there?
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  • If you cannot get a couple of hundred quid credit for a mobile phone contract, you have no chance of a mortgage. Get your credit files and stop applying for credit.
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