MSE News: Osborne defends "fair" budget

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Osborne defends "fair" budget



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    ...Osborne said: "When we got into Government, the hole in the budget was bigger than we thought....

    I thought Labour had publically forecast a £163bn deficit, rather than the £155bn it actually is?
    ...[Treasury Chief Secretary Danny] Alexander said the VAT move - which his party vigorously opposed in the General Election campaign - was the only alternative to still deeper spending cuts...
    Prior to the election, both the Conservatives & the Labour parties said the Lib-Dems figures didn't add up. Looks like they were right after all ... and to think they now hold the office of Treasury Chief Secretary :eek:
    "Now to trolling as a concept. .... Personally, I've always found it a little sad that people choose to spend such a large proportion of their lives in this way but they do, and we have to deal with it." - MSE Forum Manager 6th July 2010
  • "Chancellor George Osborne defended the Budget as "tough but fair" today as he accused the previous Labour government of leaving the economy in a "massive mess"."

    Well he would say that, wouldn't he?
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    If they brought the soldiers home from other people countries expenditure would drop by billions a year and they could drop the VAT instead of increase it.
    People need to understand the soldiers are in most countries based on lies of corrupt politicians who earn massive amounts of money through shares in armaments and other military hardware supplying companies.
    In Afghanistan after a bunch of cavemen who had nothing to do with 9-11 is costing the taxpayer trillions which is lining the pockets of politicians...

    Labour, Tory, they're all the same, all work for the banks, Rothschild and the Queen who all work for their Bilderberg masters.

    I think personally the only reason the Lib-Dems... who areBBC, ITV; CNN just as bad as the other two didn't win the election is simply due to standard election policy, don't reveal the real vote counts, just delegate them, that is the only way Labour didn't suffer an even bigger hammering and explains why everyone said they would vote lib-dem, yet "seemingly" most people didn't.

    BBC, ITV, CNN, Sky News etc... they all work for the same people... Bildereberg, so one cannot begin to trust what is said in the news...
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