Pensions and Benefit entitlements?

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Hello All, long time no POST! anyway ,here goes!....
My good lady wife has reached her 60th, and as she only ever worked part time and never paid any NI contributions, she will receive the princely sum of £4.60 a week.
I understand that she should be entitled to some extra as she was married to her first husband for 11 years and didnt work then as she had 2 sons to care for. and she married me in 1981, and Ive always paid full NI Contributions, so cant she get anything from that?
I know shes entitled to a winter fuel alowance now, and a free bus pass!
but is there a anything else? I am still a way off retiring myself, but we depend on her part time earnings to survive, as we still have a Mortgage and overdraft to pay off!
Lastly, she does suffer with Angina, which is controlled by her medication, but she will have to give up work eventually, so unless I can find a job that pays me anoth £400 per month, I dont know how we are going to cope financially!
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    She wont get anything from her 1st husband, she lost that when she re-married.

    Once you retire and claim your pension, she will receive an increase to her pension, it will take her basic pension to no more than 60% of your basic pension (£50.55 max), payable to her.

    She will be entitled to claim Pension Credit as a couple, this may bring in some more money -depending on other income.
    I no longer work in Council Tax Recovery but instead work as a specialist Council Tax paralegal assisting landlords and Council Tax payers with council tax disputes and valuation tribunals. My views are my own reading of the law and you should always check with the local authority in question.
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