calling mortgage!

Any suggestions from mortgage brokers welcomed.

I want to purchase a 3-bed freehold property in north London for around £262k. The refurb work is around £43k and there are £20k for transactions costs and interest.

The refurb work consists of renovation (new kitchen, bathroom, electrics, plumbing, windows, decorating and some building work to arrange the layout). The cost for this is around £13k and should bring the value of the property to circa £310k. The final stage of work is to implement a rear dormer loft extension for around £30k to include a double bedroom and shower room. This should add a further £50k onto the value of the property.

Around 3-months ago a property sold a few doors down of a similar size and to a good finish for £380k.

On the finance side I have 2 options. Option 1 is find an investor or lender to finance the project to or near 100%. Option 2 is a mix of finance. I can secure a BTL (redemption free) mortgage for £222,700 and I have £30k of my own monies and thereby £67,500 of investment would be required.

The expected rental income as is would be £320pw, while the finished property would be around £400pw. Ideally, I would like to purchase, refurb and sell within 9-months.

Only self cert or non status finance can be considered at the moment as I have no proof of income. However, I do have a clean financial history.

Feel free to PM me.
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