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MSE News: Kensington Mortgages to refund over £1m in unfair arrears fees



  • orc_2
    orc_2 Forumite Posts: 563 Forumite
    bekki0405 wrote: »
    Does anyone know how far back I can claim? I was in serious arrears in 2003/4, and was stung with lots of charges. I ended up on a suspended repossession order, and had to sell my house to pay back the charges.
    The news story says that the FSA found Kensington had overcharged between Jan 2007 and Oct 2008, so is this the only time you can claim in. If so, I would not be able to claim.

    I would proceed to make a claim, direct to Kensington. It may be handled by them in 2 parts.

    From the time the FSA regulated mortgages- as mentioned above and prior to that by the Financial Ombudsman.

    You want 8% interest added.
    Please ignore those people who post on this forum who deliberately try to misinform you. Don't be bullied by them, don't be blamed by them. You know who I mean.
    You come here for advice, help and support- thats what I and like minded others will try to do.
  • sourcrates
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    Just rung there "dedicated customer helpline" to ask when i would get the money back they stole from me, suprise suprise it just rings off, even though on there website it states they are open till 8.30pm . . . . . . . is this a look of suprise on my face stung for ten grand when we were repossessed in 2008, five of that was an ERC the rest were default charges added to the account, i intend to get ALL of it back though in due course.
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  • smnb08
    smnb08 Forumite Posts: 488 Forumite
    just wondered if anyone has recieved a letter from kensington about the above yet.
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  • scrounger_2
    scrounger_2 Forumite Posts: 216
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    smnb08 wrote: »
    just wondered if anyone has recieved a letter from kensington about the above yet.
    You gotta be joking even when you ring them they are unobtainable. Now they owe money even more so.
  • mrsjsh
    mrsjsh Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    kensington mortages took our home off us 3 years ago , whlist my husband was recovering from lymphoma, we had fallen behind with mortgage when the company he worked for sold to someone else his wages reduced and he was pushed out .
    we rang wrote begged told them he was ill, each time we wrote back or rang they said they had not had anything from us...
    we were at court three times trying to save our home.even the baliffe said he had never seen anything like the way we were treated, we kept offering different solutions , but they just said pay the whol amount or nothing we cried wailed and some yourn upstart at the end of the line was saying all or nothing.... in the end we were removed from our house my husband ill, we had 70.000 equity in the house and they let it go so nothing was left
    the way they treated us was horrific, and two months later my son was also diagnosed with cancer, i thnk with the stress fromm them, we slept in my husbands sisiters family house two on the floor and two in a bed , how can this happen my husband had never had a day off in his life until he was ill, and they did not care we tried everything to get them to help but they just lied and charged us more money.
    now we have nothing we have lost half our furniture as we could not afford rent on lock up, and have no hope of ever having enough deposit to buy a new home thats all we want,
    Please how can i get back something from them , they are the lowest of the low...
    Please can someone help me i am week and weiry with it all, my husband has been ill since then im sure with the stress, please can some one help please
  • kaya64
    kaya64 Forumite Posts: 241 Forumite
    Mrsjsh, So sorry to hear what happened to you , that very low , I hope things are better for you now .

    The opposite has happened with us , our business was very slow at the beginning of this year and Kensington mortgages have been really understanding , they haven't charged us any late fees at all , infact by accident I overpaid last november by only £2 , but because of this overpayment I am always in credit and even when I pay late it stops charges being applied, I hope other people will be able to use this method as it allows customers a week or so to get the money together and still pay their mortgage without charges .
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