We are not alone! Thank you for this brilliant forum and website!

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I only found this site (and in particular, this forum) on Tuesday but it has already helped me so much. To be able 'talk' openly about my debt problems and get so much great advice and support is amazing. I feel so much more relaxed than I did at the start of the week, when I was paicking very badly.

My debts are very bad and have been that way for years, but I can actually see now that one day they will no longer be hanging over my shoulders. I'm sure I'll be posting a cry for help every now and again -I'm only just starting to face the big mess I'm in - but to know there are people out there that will understand and be supportive, makes a huge difference.

If you're thinking of posting a message about your own debt problems, DO! You will be so glad you did!


From Bad to Fair; An Excellent credit rating is now my aim!


  • PANICKING, not paicking! :)
    From Bad to Fair; An Excellent credit rating is now my aim!
  • Hi DFW2010 def agree with you:T. I've been a member for about a month now and the help and advice has been brilliant. I've started a DMP with CCCS after finally facing up to the amount of debt we are in, and not trying to get more credit/debt to sort it out (not that we would of got any:o).

    I think it's all the support and friendliness on here that makes it such a great forum :A to everyone:)
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    Aside from my student loan, i am not in debt. So i don't really come here for help and support, although I did originally come for advice for a friend.

    But i am very much the other way in how I see the forum, I am not surprised there is a wealth of information and support, it is a DFW forum afterall :) The only things that do still surprise me on this forum really are the random and thankfully rare trolls.

    In the ~8 months i've been here, i've seen people in £1000 debt and been panic, and those at over £100,000 who are only mildly concerned. I've seen the 0% APRs, the 2000%+ APRs, and a loan go from £2500 to £8000 in only 24 months. (All be it more than 6 months due to missed payments). Some fantastic debt free journeys have been started and completed, and regulars come and go. This is a fantastic area of the forum to reside in.
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  • Yep, it certianly helps to have this kind of support. I too am deeply in debt and trying hard to tackle the problem. Keep going - it will get better!:)
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    I'm enjoying it here. We are still working on our plan top get debt free and have decided not to do the DMP route as we can get ourselves back on track now. Still useful to come here for tips on everything :D
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    Trying not to state the bleeding obvious what you must remember DFW2010 is that

    1. Please check all advice given -we are not legal advisers !
    2. Despite all the excellent advice given, it is down to you to apply it where relevant and it is you who has to live with the result for better or worse
    3. The forum can give you all the tools / advice / help & support you need but YOU are the only one who can carry it out

    Good Luck on your own journey, it really does work - I was 30 odd grand in debt but will be debt free in about six weeks which is incredibly exciting !
    Thanks to MSE I cleared £37k of debt in five years and I was lucky enough to meet Martin to thank him personally.
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    I have only been on here a month. I am not in debt but i am learning how to save more effectively.

    I am the least assertive person ever but thanks to MSE even i have been making savings.

    I cannot believe that i am no longer nearly overdrawn and how careless i used to be with my money and that was only a month ago.

    I have met some lovely people and made friends too. I am so pleased that people help each other (despite the odd troll) and it has restored my faith in human nature.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
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