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Shopping Tip

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  • I totally agree, a weekly shop is costing easily over £40 with hardly any proper meals in it, you're getting nothing for your money anymore! I felt the online shop was my best way, although you're paying the delivery rate you know what you're spending and can adjust if you feel you're going over your budget! I was also wondering about trying some of the cheaper places like Aldi or Lidl, has anyone tried that? I'm curious to see if it's much cheaper than the likes of Tesco/Asda?
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    Liza41: There are some threads on the site that list which items in particular are good at Aldi and Lidl.

    Personally, I find that Sainsburys and Morrisons are the most affordable. I get angry when I visit Tesco with their pledges of low cost items and find that most things are priced way above other supermarkets. They manage to keep the key items, like bread and milk, at a good price range but fail elsewhere, especially in quality (in my opinion). Aldi and Lidl have decent quality products, just not as many name brands as the bigger supermarkets.
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