I can't quite believe it's got this bad



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    I have just read the bit about company cars. Well i agree that they haven't been too well looked after by the drivers, but don't forget although they have a high mileage, they have been regulary serviced, my son had one and because of the high mileage it was serviced every 3 months, a brilliant buy for someone who doesn't do a lot of miles a year, or a second car. and in the long run could be a good buy.
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    its just cut back were ever you can,have a go at selling on ebay its amazing what people will buy,plus if you open up a paypal account to accept payments from your bidders,then any money in the account use it to buy your much needed kids clothes.
    We have two spotty teenagers here.I bought their face cleanser,spot cream etc so cheap that even with the postage it came out well under half the price in Boots.In the past we have let this build up in the paypal account and used it to pay for christmas & birthday presents for the family.You dont have to have fantastic amazing expensive items for sale.We have sold loads of stuff for around £3,£5,£7,£10 +.You can set it up so that any listing & end of auction fees can be paid useing the money in your paypal account.One thing we have noticed that most of what we have sold on ebay as usualy finished on a lot better price than we could have got at a car boot sale.It all adds up and if your wife is not in a position to go out to work with family commitments,well this could be something she could run from home.You think you dont have anything worth selling but once you start you realise there is all sorts of stuff just lying around,how many of us have bought toys,clothes etc that never get so much as looked at,or given gifts we will never put to good use.one mans trash is another mans treasure.
  • hi could you let me have the code for 5 pound bonus many thanks
  • yabby
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    good luck let us all know how you got on take care
  • Jorayner
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    Hi Talheedin,

    I hope all this attention i shelping rather than making you feel shy. Well done for biting the bullet.

    One other suggestion - have you got martin's money diet book.

    It's a good read and sometime more digestable than reading on screen.

    See if the library has a copy, or shop around - you my find it for under £4.

    Then you can tick everything off that you do in the book.

    Good luck
  • Hi there!

    I've just registered, and caught up with all the comments.
    I've been a step-parent myself, also with 5 children to care for, but no dogs (only gerbils!)

    A few comments:

    Are you claiming Child Tax Credit (and possibly Working Tax Credit), which are administered via the Inland Revenue, and are thus NOT classed as "Benefits". CSA maintenance is not counted as income when assessing eligibility for Tax Credits. Don't be put off by all the hype about tax credit over payments. It's valuable extra cash that you are entitled to (if you qualify on income grounds), and if you get an estimate of your eligibility done by the CAB before you apply, you can double check that you're not being overpaid.

    The Citizens Advice Bureau is a great place to get free face-to-face advice about Tax Credits, and debt problems in general. They are in the process of training loads of new debt advisors, so soon it will be a lot easier to get free, confidential, impartial, up to date, no-strings advice at a CAB near you!

    Credit Action is also a great place to get free advice, without having to sit in the CAB's waiting room! you can contact them by FREEPHONE on 0800 1381111. You can also access free debt advice on their website https://www.creditaction.org.uk

    Don't despair! There is hope out there.

    All the best, bizzylizzy3
  • Hi, I was going to say about growing things too. There are still many things like lettuces, rocket, radishes, etc that can still be grown from seed. The kids will like doing this, and really make them feel they are helping.

    If you have any friends with gardens who grow veg you can ask them for seeds from bolted plants, or take seeds from veg that you buy. If you are asking friends for seeds, then you will no doubt be given surplus veg from whatever glut is going on in their patches. Most growers can't even give marrows away, and they are so nice.
    If you ask (on behalf of the kids of course) for the pinchings from tomato plants, some of them will even have flowers or small tomatoes on them already as it is late in their season.

    Freecycle is definitely a way to go, you can even ask for garden gluts from there. If someone gives you loads of stuff, you can always make them a jar of whatever you made from their stuff. I even saw a couple of cars on freecycle last week but I might wonder about their condition....

    How about making this growing bit the hobby, as it certainly is rewarding. You can do most stuff in pots (from freecycle) or even on the windowsills if you have no space. Hope this helps. Good luck with the rest.
  • Arfa_2
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    Hi Talheedin

    There are a couple of web sites that will pay you for doing surveys. It's not very much, perhaps 50p to £1 a survey, but it's money that you wouldn't have otherwise had. Take a look at Ciao, Quickwise or GFK for further details. With Ciao and Quickwise you have to earn a certain amount before you can withdraw it, but it should only take you a few months before you can make your first withdrawal. GFK, on the other hand, put you into a monthly draw for each survey you complete for them. Prizes start at £5, but can go as high as £5,000. I'm on their TV & Radio audience panel and I've won something like £80 so far in just about a year.

    You can also get invited to free preview showings of new films shown at various cinemas around the country at See Film First. They won't be the best films, but at least it's a night out. Tickets will be limited (I think the maximum is 4) and you aren't guaranteed entry, but if you get there early enough you should get in. Most screenings are on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening or a Sunday morning.

    For more free entertainment, register with SRO Audiences or take a look at the BBC Ticket Unit page. This is only likely to be of use to you if you live in or around London although some shows are recorded in Birmingham or Manchester. You also usually have to be 18 or over to be eligible for tickets, although some shows do have a lower age limit.

    Sorry that none of my ideas are major money savers, but they may help to raise your spirits while you are going through the hard slog of getting yourself back into the black.
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    Hi Talheedin - it's been a while since you last posted - how are things going?
    DMP starts June 2012, £38,180.

    Balance June 2015 £26,046 (paid off 32%)

    DMP mutual support thread no 434
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