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Does anyone have any experience of the Steiner school in Glasgow or one of the others in in the uk?

Have been looking into this for the lo and can't find anything negative about it at all....which worries me in itself!

It seems too good to be true....


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    My SIL taught at a German Steiner school, and had some great things to say about it, but did have some worries about what she called some of their hippy practices. Obviously the education system in Germany is different, so it wasn't comparing like for like with the UK system, but in lots of ways our system is even more formal. I was very interested in it myself for my two, but they never responded to my 2 emails and letter requesting their brochure, and shortly afterwards there was some concern about my DS1 having an ASD, so we decided the informality of Steiner wouldn't be the best choice for him. I still think about it from time to time, and actually, as he's getting older, I've been thinking he may cope with it.
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  • My sister believed in the Steiner School and placed two children there.
    Had several problems including the way they disciplined the kids. Afterschool care was questionable. Methods of punishment often unreasonable. Generally difficult to tackle problems due to no on e really being in charge like a mainstream school. Plus the added problem of if you decide to move kids to another school then they will be behind as they dont teach children the literary skills till much later there.
    Hope this helps
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