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When someone dies in Scotland,is it neccessary to involve a solicitor if a will is pretty straightforward and if so what do they actually do.Thanks in advance.
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    I think that its needed for probate which ensures that the deceased's wishes have been carried out & that any outstanding debts & payments have been settled.

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    No you don't have to deal with a solicitor. Executors should be named on Will and it is up to them to take care of all dealings. They can pass this duty on to a solicitor if they want to.

    We don't have 'probate' in Scotland. It is called Confirmation and is handled by the Sheriff Clerk's office who are very helpful and will provide information on what has to be done.

    Exception would be if solicitor is named as one of the executors on the Will or if there are any legal dealings to carry out eg sale or transfer of a property.
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