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Hello fellow Moneysavers!

Could anyone give me advice on TNT charges?
I ordered some books from the USA that arrived before Christmas. Then 1 MONTH later I received an invoice to pay freight and VAT charges.
The actual cost is more expensive than my order!! If I had received the invoice at time of delivery I would have sent 2 (out of my 3 orders) back to the seller (Dover publications).
I'm happy to pay the VAT and Customs charges but I really don't won't to pay TNT administration costs. Can they charge me for this?
I have 3 options:
- Send TNT an email asking to pay the VAT cost and just the administration charge of 1 order (instead of 3, which amounts to £45), as a gesture of goodwill (since I would prefer not to pay anything).
- Pay total amount they ask but deduct the money I already paid the seller for shipping.
- If the above fails send 2 orders back to the seller (if this is possible).

Thank you in advance,
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