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We've just returned from a trip to New York. Whilst over there, my better half wanted to buy some Ugg boots for herself, our daughter and her sister in law.

So before we left, we checked out the official Ugg website and found the authorised dealers in Manhatten. Whilst there, she went to one of those authorised dealers and bought 3 pairs for $150 each ( approx £100 per pair ) using her bank card which has a Visa symbol on it ( the card is linked to her current account ).

She's had genuine Ugg boots in the past, and when we've got home and tried on the pair she bought, she's convinced they're not genuine. Looks like this particalur authorised dealer has the genuine stuff on display in the shop but what you end up with are actually fake.

I've reported this particular shop ( they're actually quite a big chain of shops ) to the Ugg Australia company ( who provide a email address for reporting fake Uggs ) and attached various pictures of the shoes showing the areas which are causing the concern.

I've only just done this today, so I doubt I'll hear back from them before Monday.

My question is, where does my partner stand regarding her payment using her card with the visa symbol ? I understand that if you pay for things by credit card and they cost over £100, then you can claim against the card company as well.

Obviously I can't return them to the store as we live in the UK, and I don't want this shop to get wind of the fact that I've reported them.

Hopefully the Ugg company themselves will help sort things out, but failing that, can we claim against her bank ( Nationwide ) bearing in mind the card has a Visa symbol but isn't a credit card as its linked to her current account.

We're hoping the Ugg company will treat matter very seriously, as I'm sure they don't want their authorised dealers dealing in fake goods ! That would be very bad press for them !
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