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edited 23 February 2010 at 7:36PM in Freebies (no spend required)
WW2 News reels

First one is a German propaganda made up several of clips

On "Die enemy trip against America" , a convoy off the coast of USA .is attacked, attack by a hostile destroyer, destruction of a tanker.
Advance transition over the road to Kertsch ( Ukraine ), German Axis Armies at the Caucasus front to the south, a refreshing bath, advance on the road after Noworossijsk, port and defense places of Noworossijsk are attacked by the squadrons of the Luftwaffe , Heavy fighting by the infantry in the city. Supplies and fighting at the front of Stalingrad, captured Russian prisoners, bomb explosions and artillery attacks on Stalingrad.

to play click on link below:
click here <--- German reel ( 19 minutes )

This is French news reel . from the liberation of Paris 1944
La Lib!ration de Paris is a documentary shot by the French Resistance during the battle of Paris in August 1944.
On August 15, the French Resistance set an uprising in the capital of France then occupied by the German. On August 25, the partisan snipers received backup as the Free French 2nd Armored Division of general Leclerc enters Paris. Urban warfare ensues involving Free French Forces and the German garrison. German and Vichy loyalists are taken prisoners as general Von Choltitz surrenders to Leclerc on August 25. The US enter the city later and de Gaulle delivers a famous speech.

to play click on link below:
click here <--- Paris Liberation ( 31 minutes )

please post similar links ,




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