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I have a full day of chores and errands to do tomorrow and now find i need to bake either small cakes ( ie in paper cases ) or a large cake/sponge - but i have NO time

i have a full cupboard of baking items ( and the reason i have to do this is that the weetabix brownies i thought would last a few days lasted ---- 12 hours!!! LOL)

any suggestions for fast cakey stuff please??


  • twink
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    queen cakes

    100g soft marg
    100g sugar
    100g s r flour
    2 eggs
    1 level tsp baking powder 400oc gas 6
    mix all, beat two mins, put in paper cases bake about 15 mins

    can add 25g currants to mix

    traffic lights

    175g milk choc
    75g broken biscs rough crush
    196g tin condensed milk
    red, yellow, green glace cherries

    melt choc, stir in biscs and milk, put into greased 7 inch tin and smooth flat
    leave in fridge till set cut into eight bars and dec with cherries in pattern of lights, you could leave out cherries
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    The recipe i use for basic cakes is
    4oz s/r flour
    4oz caster sugar
    4oz marg
    2 eggs
    1 tsp baking powder.
    Just combine ingredients, and either spoon into individual cake cases, or share between 2 7inch tins.
    Cook 180C for about 15 - 20 mins.

    Another easy one, although ive seen similar by Delia and Nigella, although they mix their ingredients up seperatly and take more time, but i just bung everything in together, mix and cook, and they always turn out perfectly are chocolate pots,
    100g dark chocolate (ive also used white chocolate)
    100g butter
    55g caster sugar
    2 eggs
    2 egg yolks
    30g plain flour
    tsp vanilla extract.

    Melt butter and chocolate in microwave. Add all other ingredients and mix. Pour into ramikins and cook for 12 minutes at 200C. if made before ready to use, keep chilled in the fridge and cook for about 14 minutes, again at 200C.

    If you eat them immediatly, they will be cake on the outside, runny on the inside, if you leave them 5 - 10 minutes, they will be 'fudgy' on the inside!!!! lovely with clotted cream!!!!
  • brokenwings
    brokenwings Forumite Posts: 608
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    i can feel myself gaining pounds already

    thanks both

    i think i just managed to find a 45 min area of free time in my day tomorrow

    if you see me on here please shoo me off !
  • twink
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    sponge traybake

    175g soft marg
    225g s r flour
    11/2 level tsps baking powder
    175g sugar
    3 eggs
    3 tbsps milk

    180oc gas 4

    grease and line a roasting tin or 12x9 inch tin
    mix all beat two mins, put in tin smooth top, bake 35-40 mins until cake begins to shrink from sides of tin
    cool in the tin, ice as required, cuts into 21 pieces

    choc cake, blend 3 level tbsps cocoa with 3 tbsps hot water and cool, add to mix , milk prob not nec but if mix is too stiff add 1tbsp milk
  • pol
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    Probably a bit late now, but......

    Quick Chocolate Pudding - it takes 10 minutes from getting the bowls out to eating it!

    1/4 cup cocoa
    2/3 cup hot water
    1 cup sugar
    1/4 tsp salt
    3/4 cup SR flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/4 cup sunflower oil
    1 egg, beaten
    2 tsp vanilla essence

    Mix cocoa and water till smooth. Put all dry ingredients in a bowl, add all the wet ones and beat together. Pour into a bowl lined with clingfilm and microwave for 5 minutes. Leave to cool a little in the bowl and that's it!

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  • lynzpower
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    Flapjacks are pretty quick to make,

    Melt butter
    add golden syrup, then melt the sugar in
    then stir in oats, sesame seeds, chocolate chips, glace cherries, or whatever youve got ( have a look in earwigs thread the recipes in there)

    then i did mine in yorkshire pudding trays
    bang in the oven for 25 mins ( enough time to stardrops the kitchen floor and finish washing up & make yourslef a nice cup of tea. eat one warm with your brew and admire your work. they keep really well too :) if they last that long lol
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    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
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    Mocha squares - delicious

    5oz porridge oats
    8oz sr flour
    2oz cocoa
    8oz granulated sugar
    8oz marg

    Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, melt marg and mix in thoroughly press into a 12 X 8 or similar baking tray put in oven heated to 160 c for 15 minutes. Will be soft when taken out but harden as it cools.

    Top with icing made with 8oz icing sugar, 2oz of melted marg and tbsp of camp coffee or v. strong instant coffee mix. Should be spreadable texture, not pouring.

    Tastes even better the following day.
  • brokenwings
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    thanks all

    i made queen cakes and a chocolate tray bake this morning and they have already been judged a success

    so thanks v much to you all
  • twink
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    glad you liked the choc traybake, brokenwings, this is the icing for it

    melt 75g marg in a pan, add 50g sieved cocoa, cook on gentle heat for 1 min
    remove from heat stir in 225g sieved icing sugar and 2 tbsps milk
    beat well till icing has thickened, spread over cake and leave to set

    fruit traybake
    as sponge traybake above, mix in 175-225g currants then sprinkle 1 level tbsp demerara sugar over cake halfway through cooking time

    lemon cake

    add the rind of 11/2 lemons to mix and bake
    when cake comes out of oven, mix the juice of 11/2 lemons with 175g
    sugar and spoon over hot cake
    depending on the amount of juice in lemons mix might be runny or if like a sugary paste spread over cake with back of a spoon
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