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New flat; food help...

edited 1 December 2009 at 11:44PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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xxleannexx42xxxleannexx42x Forumite
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edited 1 December 2009 at 11:44PM in Old Style MoneySaving
me and boyfriend move into our new flat next week! For the 1st month we are only going to have about £40 for food etc. And as were going to need all the basics and freezer stuff, etc etc. I just dont know how im going to do it!!
Any help on strectching my budget to its limit would be greatly apreciated!!
Thankyou x

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  • Pete*G_4Pete*G_4 Forumite
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  • I think the first thing to do is write a meal plan so you know what you'd like to eat. Then come up with the list for the storecupboard basics and freezer stuff. There are loads of tips on the Old Style boards, but planning is def. the way forward. I'm sure more people who can help will be along shortly.
  • soappiesoappie Forumite
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    Just remember, neither the kitchen cupboards nor the freezer need to be full for the first month or so. With wise and judicious planning you'll get there without going over budget.

    Good luck and I hope you'll be happy in your new home together
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  • VfM4meplseVfM4meplse PPR
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    Just accept that you'll be living on beans on toast and cereal with the odd banana thrown in btwn now and the NY. Don'y buy anything full price for the freezer instead visit your supermarket at about 6.30pm and pick up a load of reduced goods from the bakery and chiller cabinets to freeze.

    That's how I got through my first month anyway! :laugh:

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  • Thanks Guys x
    £5306 Debt As Of Feb 2011
    Avon Rep :)
  • I can't do links but on the Food Shopping forum there was a recent thread about living on £10 a week for food and some interesting ideas on it too, it should be easy enough to find if you scroll down.

    In addition do you have family you can go to for meals, or could you ask for a hamper type thing as a kind of 'moving in' presents, with some essentials?

    If you search 'rubber chicken' in the forum there are some good ideas on how to stretch a chicken to loads of meals. Also mince is very flexible and can be stretched easily with cheap additions such as tinned tomatoes.

    At the top of the forum there are sticky's on recipes which are really useful.

    Obviously don't know if you are vegetarian but there are some good recipes for everyone (in my humble opinion!)

    Im a bit of a newbie compared to some of the other guys on here, but have a search through the Old Style forum its fantastic and so helpful, you will probably learn tons more tips before you have enough money to do a proper shop and will save loads anyway by the time you've read up on here!

    Good luck!
  • Congratulations on moving into your flat, Leanne!
    You don't need to fill the cupboards all at once, just get things as and when you need them or theyre on offer.

    Making a months meal plan is a great idea. You will get the most out of your ingredients that way. Why don't you make a start on the meal plan, post it here and we'll have a look?
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  • Ok, it's been a long day, but did anyone else read this & think Leanne's food had been flattened? No? OK I'll get my coat, lol.

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  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    New flat food help...

    How about pizza, omelette, tortilla - they're all flat :confused:
    OK I'll get my coat, lol.

    Just pass mine, while you're there, please, Hester :rotfl:
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