Cap Ex and AIA and Small pools

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So I now have upto £50K for my annual investment allowance but my question is with regards to the small pools allowance.

You can write off any small pool upto £1K - is this the value as it is transferred from last year, or is is after this years 20% write down allowance?

e.g. So say my pool value carried to 08/09 is 1001, can i simply not claim that, and have to write it down 20% till next year, OR can i write it down this year by 20% anyway, putting it under the 1K limit, then write off the final value....?

Hope that makes sense .


  • The limit is applied to the figure calculated like this.

    Pool value brought forward

    plus any additions not qualifying for the AIA

    less any sale proceeds.

    So it is before this year's WDA.
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