Hi all,

I am new to these forums, so please accept my apologies if I have put a thread in the wrong section!

Me and my partner are looking to buy our first property, and have our first appointment with a Mortgage Advisor this afternoon.

I just have a few questions before we go! I have just been offered a new job, if the Mortgage Advisor asks to see proof of my pay, will my payslips from my previous job suffice?

We have a 10% deposit, and the property we are looking to buy is £49,995. Our total earnings per annum are £25,000 and the only debt we have as a couple is my partners car which is £225 per month, and about £1000 on a credit card, which we clear on a monthly basis (and this month will be no exception).

I have already looked at our credit scores and they both are 900+ and one of them is 999.

From everybody's previous experience, what is acceptance like for a mortgage and will the application process affect our ratings greatly?

I am sorry if this seems like really basic questions, but I am a newbie to all of this :o

Many thanks

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