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  • did you have a sizeable deposit bone idle or do you live in a reasonably priced area?

    A bit of both, actually - our LTV was about 65% as we had a good deposit, but also the prices in the area (an unglamourous but still nice part of Cornwall) were within our reach. Which was a bit mind-boggling for a while as we'd previously lived in south-west London with almost no prospect of affording anything!
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    Try for the next six months to build up some savings as you get some surprising bills.
    connection charges for the broadband, new aerial for the SKY/ freeview
    even little things like £10 for a garden waste bin
    Look at this site for the best dual fuel deals and contact the company with the meter readings asap ( use cashback sites to earn money)
    Level term life assurance to cover the mortgage can be got cheap through Cavendish online GOOD LUCK in your new home
  • About six weeks have gone by since my last post here, and it's a bit disheartening to report that not much has changed - still lots of niggling little things to get sorted out! We did finally get a council tax bill last week (only took two and a half months of trying) and it was less than I'd feared - though we won't be getting the usual two 'free' months in February and March because they couldn't get around to charging us in September, October or November!

    We're also still waiting for the gas and electricity bills to come in so that I can work out how that'll fit into our budget. I've set aside the same as we used to in the old place - our new house is a lot bigger but has better double glazing and a newer and more efficient boiler, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the bills will be similar. I've submitted meter readings each month to keep them as accurate as possible, anyhow!

    Things are gradually coming together, I suppose - haven't got as far as making any overpayments on the mortgage yet though. I reckon we've paid off just under £500 from the capital in the three payments made to date, which is a little dispiriting - but then that's £500 nearer to owning our house outright!
    Mortgage-Free Wannabe!
    Mortgage at start (August 2009): £87,000
    Current Mortgage: £85259
    Mortgage-Free date: August 2034 :o
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