secretsmilers not so secret diary

Well. Today is a good day so what better way to remember it than to start my very own diary of debt busting.

Today I got paid, nothing new there... same thing happens at the end of every month, but today for the first time in years (yes years!) I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all my monthly outgoings including my debt repayments are covered by that wage packet and I still have some 'spare' sitting in my bank account. Not much I might add, but there is some spare.

For a long time I've had to rely on next months wages to cover the payments at the end of the previous month.... think I've confused myself there! It's been a long time coming and it's like a weight has lifted. All my future scrimping, budgeting, scratchcarding, ebaying etc etc can now go towards my debts and not towards my monthly deficit.

I've updated my signature this morning and love seeing the figures coming down... it's addictive. I'm nearing a year of keeping a close eye on things and am safe in the knowledge that there is absolutely no chance our debt will ever get anywhere near the total it was when our LBM struck. We're well in the mindset now that if we don't have the money we don't get. Everything is paid for in cash, if we don't have the cash and need something then we save. Why didn't we do that before?!

So it's meant no holiday this year and both me and hubby taking on second jobs, saying no to nights out and generally turning into penny pinching tightwads. But we are happy. And soon (well a few years) we WILL be debt free. Oh apart from the mortagage but that another story.

So today will be a NSD as I'm off work and stuck at home as car gone into garage... potentially a big bill but small local garage owned by a very nice man who lets us pay in installments. My 'spare' money in the bank may not be spare for much longer. However, I've known the car was due for some work and I'm mentally prepared for it, if that makes sense. And hubby's wages due today also and I've sort of allocated them to garage already so I won't miss them.

Well I'll sign off for now, feel like I have a sudden burst of energy so best use it to my advantage and get some housework done. Dust loves our house, where does it all come from? :confused:

secretsmiler x
DFW Nerd 1111 :D Debt at LBM £59281.68 1.12.08 now £42474.91 28% (£16806.77) paid in 19 months
loan [strike]19589.42[/strike] 15670.43 halifax CC [strike]15575.67[/strike] 12036.37 mbna CC [strike]6191.13[/strike] 3860.00 marbles CC [strike]5436.77[/strike] 4849.59 mint CC [strike]4277.86[/strike] 2904.86 egg CC [strike]3162.13[/strike] 2316.13 barclays CC [strike]1100.91[/strike] 837.53


  • J_pinkJ_pink Forumite
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    Hi Secretsmiler,

    Well done for your lightbulb moment of realising that living beyond your wage is not the way forward! And for tackling that housework! It has a really wierd de-cluttering your life feel sometimes and can be really motivating i find. I'm about to go do the ironing as i also have the day off.:o

    Anyway, I'm also a newbie on here (i think we posted our diary's at the same time!) it would be great to stay in touch with our progress. Read my diary if you get a chance it will be near yours on the forum.

  • Hi J_Pink :hello:Thanks for reading my ramblings and taking time to reply.Will be heading over to your diary for a nosey after this update :D

    Just a quickie really... I've done the housework (well all the visible dust has gone - don't be sneaking a look at the skirting boards anyone :rolleyes:) And with the lovely weather I've had 2 loads of washing hanging out to dry so no tumble dryer needed today :T

    Off to do a good deed for a friend tonight - babysitting! Now as I've never had a baby or had much to do with babies for many years, this could be interesting.

    secretsmiler x
    DFW Nerd 1111 :D Debt at LBM £59281.68 1.12.08 now £42474.91 28% (£16806.77) paid in 19 months
    loan [strike]19589.42[/strike] 15670.43 halifax CC [strike]15575.67[/strike] 12036.37 mbna CC [strike]6191.13[/strike] 3860.00 marbles CC [strike]5436.77[/strike] 4849.59 mint CC [strike]4277.86[/strike] 2904.86 egg CC [strike]3162.13[/strike] 2316.13 barclays CC [strike]1100.91[/strike] 837.53
  • starnacstarnac Forumite
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    good luck with the babysitting secretsmiler. how old is the baby??

    you've done well to pay off so much in such a short time. starting a diary will hopefully keep you motivated on the bad days as well as the good.

    just want to wish you good luck in your debt free journey
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  • elantanelantan Forumite
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    cant wait for babysitting stories to come out lol
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