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    Just wanted to second the people who said to wait before you buy books - I only bought two books throughout the whole of my History degree - everything else was in the library.

    i agree. i bought about 4 books over my 3 year law degree. you do not need to buy them librarys are stacked high with books trick is get them early then renew um IF you still need them :)

    so get books the min u get the assignment cos within a few days everyone else would have taken them :)
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    lillexy wrote: »
    On this note BUY COLOUR CATCHERS!! I start Uni in September and have been using them for college - just stuff as much washing in as you can and shut the door quick! Excellent investment, wouldn't be without them
    Anyone going to/at Bristol by the way??

    My boyfriend is. Going into 2nd year UWE to study Graphic Design

    My top tip is to register with a doctor within the first few days. Better safe than sorry, especially with the whole worry about Swine Flu atm. Also, if you need scripts etc. ask for a HC1 form as you'll be able to claim back up to 75% of the costs. Same for dental and opticians appointment costs
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    hbloomers wrote: »
    My boyfriend is. Going into 2nd year UWE to study Graphic Design

    My top tip is to register with a doctor within the first few days. Better safe than sorry, especially with the whole worry about Swine Flu atm. Also, if you need scripts etc. ask for a HC1 form as you'll be able to claim back up to 75% of the costs. Same for dental and opticians appointment costs

    I am a little confused, my daughter is off to uni, can she get assistance with nhs costs by completing an HC1 - she does not seem to fit the criteria or groups mentioned?
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  • As regards to the HC1, I send off for one for my dentists - I didn't look at the exact criteria to be honest. For uni loans, we were told to all apply for maintenance grants just in case (my parents are not low-earners, but hey, an extra £60 a term helped!) - so I followed the same idea here, the forms don't take long to fill out, freepost, and the worst they can say is no!
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    Originally posted on “What I Wish I’d known before I was a student” apologies for any repetition or out of date info as I graduated in 2006. (university of lincoln - shout out to all lincolnites the place sure looks different on the tv ads!)

    Learn to be assertive!!! With flatmates, uni, student loan company, tax credits, DWP, LEA. Cos if people muck things up for you the person that complains loudest and longest will get sorted first!! Learnt that one the hard way!!!

    Food - Learn to cook!! Much cheaper, tastier, healthier and less boring!! Not difficult, stews and casseroles using packet sauces, basic pasta, noodles, rice, cous cous, basic chilli (tinned toms, veg, chilli powder) are all things u can do on a sun afternoon post hangover (good distraction too) and freeze. U can get foil containers from asda for about 70p.

    Check out the yellow labelled stuff in supermarkets – esp for treats.

    IF you are SURE you can trust everyone to be fair. Shop with your housemates for the basics.

    If the exact opposite is a problem, remember that dry goods can be kept in your room – that inc packet sauces.

    Get a sports bottle for water. Lots of lecture halls you’re not allowed to take coffee/juice into and esp in summer u’ll be glad of it. Also much cheaper than buying drinks out. For winter get a flask for soup/coffee/tea.

    Extra Income - Getting a job for younger students without kids etc is defo worth considering. Most of my uni mates had em. If like me you have other commitments (child) then do something that fits in with them and studying. I’m a quick typist and as an English student good at grammar and spelling, so used that but be careful of not plagiarising or doing someone’s work for them. Also there are companies that provide extra help for disabled students eg with transport, help with carrying books, notetaking if they have hearing or site problems and they employ other students to do this. Likewise foreign students like to enhance their language skills.

    Save - Join NUS loads of discounts and discounts apply in shops u really wouldn’t
    Get a bite card!
    Jars of coins – one for copper, one small silver. Coppers - save and bank in those
    Little bags. Silver comes in handy for bus fares (instead of overpaying),
    photocopying and other library charges, coffee machines etc

    Direct debit bills as much as poss – this does usually save u money.

    Do you really need internet at home if got good access at uni? At least think about sharing cost with flatmates.

    Save on calls home by using email instead. Save call credit for emergencies. Get a mobile package that lets u do loads of texts cheaply for all those “where r u” texts on campus/in clubs

    Books- reacquaint yourself with the library. If you’re not already a member of your home one sign up! That way you can borrow books from or through there as well as uni library and the “normal” library/ies near uni. Esp suitable for English/drama/journalism/media students but you can also get material for other subjects. And set up a reminder on your phone or computer for return dates!! That way you can at least renew them instead of incurring fines. Use the librarians, they’re uber qualified and really know their stuff!!

    Remember short stories, novels and plays, also journal articles are often available online.

    Use 2nd hand bookshops both irl and online. DON’T be put off by “notes in the margin” makes the book cheaper and may save you making your own notes also u may be benefitting indirectly from another lecturer. Just remember to reference correctly. Also check uni website most have a sales section.

    Buy new/expensive books with others on your course.

    Entertainment – libraries also do cd’s dvd’s really cheap. Also think about joining something like lovefilm £3.99 for 2 films a month aint bad. They’ve usually got free trials on too. Could split costs with flatmates.

    Shelter are available for advice on who are the good/bad landlords in ur area - they're not just for homeless people. also great people for if you're having problems with your landlord.

    Defo check out charity shops for clothes/books/music/dvd's they're great for jewellery/handbags/belts too.

    Share clothes with other students, esp going out clothes if u don't like wearing same thing all the time and as these can be the most expensive. even if you and your friends aren't the same sizes you can share things like jackets, bags, hats, belts.

    use supermarkets/£ shops for stationery eg computer paper, buy multi packs of pens, better still pencils for editing as u make notes. asda do super cheap computer paper.

    If you go home in hols by train get a railcard (you usually get ur money back in 3 trips) also book in advance as tickets cheaper. try and travel off peak and avoid weekend travelling where poss. that way you'll avoid engineering works and usually cheaper too. Also check out coach travel. think there's a young person's coach card too. Mature students - dunno if this is still true but i was able to get a young persons railcard even though i was "too old" because i proved i was a full time student.

    Share taxis or if there’s a few of you going to same address, get the bus. Stay with people that live near the clubs, but return the favour by eg making brekkie next morning and always say thanks.

    for cheap heating if ur heating bills are extra on top of ur rent, get a halogen heater, mine was £15 in co-op last year and has saved me £200 over the year on electric!! Instant heat, automatically turns off if u bump it and heats even large rooms up dead quick.

    last piece of advice for now - get a good wind up double bell alarm clock (around £5 from argos) if that doesn't wake u nothing will!! also if you're in digs that suffer from power cuts - not a problem!!

  • My number one tip is find a wilkinsons because they are the cheapest shop on the high street I went to university in Leeds and half of our household items came from there. Also when moving into a house halls etc don't take loads of household items wait until you get there and all club together to buy items for your flat or house it is cheaper that way and it means that the toaster you bought doesn't end up sat in the bottom of your wardrobe for the year.
  • in my opinion the best is to save is printing off the vouchers , or geting one of those saving cards sucha s tastelondon or the cheap version of it, having this means no vouchers, just a little card in the wallet.
    I used it and saved a lot since joining uni.

    Also check out second hand book stores for students, its awesome, since a lot of students dont care about their old books, they just want to get it off their hands, you can get really good prices
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