Professional snag list in N. Ireland?

in N. Ireland
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  • Snagging isn't really that hard.

    Walk around the house room by room and meticulously document anything that doesn't look right or finished to your likeing.. be it plastering, skirtings, doors, whatever they are responsible for..

    I've come across some well dodgy plastering in the past so shine a torch along the walls and check for imperfections (maybe it's just me being anal but I hate the "wavey" effect left on walls & ceilings from crap plastering)

    Check doors all open & close properly without catching or rubbing on anything (Doors in new houses can expand/contract over first few months so worth keeping an eye on them for first few months ~ year) Check the woodwork and note any joints around skirting of doorways that don't look finish well... No excuse for crap workmanship.. (maybe me just being anal again)

    Check your loft insulation and make sure it's at least about 200mm thick minimum and covers the whole roof area as some builders can skimp here to save money and tend to miss those dificult areas to get to so you really do need to get up into the roof space to check.

    Check all the sealing around your doors & windows and make sure there's no gaps as sometimes the window installers can be a bit miserly with the sealant. Also make sure the sealant is actually bonded to the brickwork around the doors and windows as again some installers don't seem to do it right so leaves gaps around the brickwork where moisture can penetrate.

    call it a fault in my character... (I know my wife hates it...) but any time we have viewed new houses in the past I always come out with a list in my head of at least 10~15 snags I've noticed..... mind you I am an engineer by profession so it's in my nature...
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