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Not in a huge amount of debt, however my loan with A+L will finish in 3 years, in which I pay £200 a month. - This isn't much of a problem.

HOWEVER, my credit card. I owe £1500 to Natwest, in which I am paying interest on, here is my plan :

Applied for the Virgin credit card with 16 months of 0% interest, and I am to be paying £100 a month, until cleared. (Balance transfer from Natwest)

Everyday spending (In which is paid at the end of the month) will be with the 6.8% for live credit card from Barclays. - I believe this is the best, for everyday credit card? interest rate wise, its really low.

Will then cut up my Natwest card, and just use these 2, one strictly for the balance transfer, and the other for everyday expenditure, which will be paid at the end of the month. Will also cut up the virgin card, as I am strictly using it for smashing my debt.

Is this the best way to deal with my credit card debt?

Much appreciated.


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