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Sorry folks for starting another thread about a Dentist recommendation but I don't fancy travelling to Belfast for treatment. (where most previous threads seem to have covered)

Looking for a good "Moral" dentist in Lurgan, Craigavon, Portadown or Armagh area. I know I need a bit of work done but I don't want to be told I need more work than is required, but likewise I don't want them to just have a bit of a poke around and say everything is OK when I know it isn't... ( I know i have a couple of chips/cracks which will need looked at but the last dentist I went to had a quick poke around and went yip, all grand)

don't mind paying for it providing it isn't highway robbery as I do think a lot of NHS dentists who still have availabilites are a bit [STRIKE]crap[/STRIKE] less experienced... why else would they have vacancies?? call me suspicious..........

any recommendations would be appreciated


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    I would recommend Carleton Street Dental Practice in Portadown- I left my original dentist about 4 years ago for what I thought was over charging, never getting an appointment and also the OTT power hungry receptionistWhen I enquired at Carleton Street, I got a lovely lady dentist will PM you her name if you want it. Appointments are no problem and she's really very good at her job. Cate
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