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    We have had a mortgage for 2yrs (£165,000) we have overpaid about £900 a month and have actually got our mortgage down to where we would have been in 13yrs had we made the min payments!!

    def worth overpaying as much as allowed for us that was 10% if thats out of your budget just pay what you can afford and that coin jar is worth emptying ever momth coz even £10 is better off the mortgage than in a coin jar.
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    baffcat wrote: »
    As a 49 y.o, I couldn't resist saying this, though I know I shouldn't....

    I bet it is ;)
    I think at 44 it's still applicable :rotfl:
    Stuart seems to give good advice on most of the threads he posts on, so try utilising his ideas. .
    Many thanks for that but good to see the caveat that it's only on most of the threads; if it was on all then my ego may get in the way of exiting the study which is too warm tonight! ;)
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