New MFW - have I become obsessed???

I'm a year into my first ever mortgage and decided recently to up my monthly payment to the maximum allowed on my current 3yr fixed deal to try and clear it asap. Felt great to have set this up and start to bring the remaining term down but since I've done it something weird has happened!!

Whenever I allow my mind to wander, I find myself thinking (or maybe even obsessing) about how how much I'll have at the end of each month to put away for future OP. As someone who's never really had a serious financial responsibility before - this feels very weird!

Anyone else experienced this phenomenon?


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    And yes you will become obsessed

    First you'll starting reading other peoples diarys, then you'll think "what a great idea I could do that" and the bigger the obsession gets

    Then before you know it you'll be trapped.....................

    Good luck and well done for starting so early :T
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    Ha thats what I was worried about!! Can't cope with thinking about this at every spare opportunity for all that time - I'll have to get it paid off asap just to get it off my mind!!!! Or hopefully the obession aspect will wear off over time and just become routine!! :rolleyes:
  • Obsession is a must on this board......

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    1399steve wrote: »

    Anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

    Well don't worry - This simply means that - You are officially a MFW now...

    You are on the right track

    I really used to enjoy shopping and spending money in general in pre-MFW days.

    All this has changed now...

    Welcome to the Board
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    It has become an obsession with me as well. If I see something in the shop I think no I cant buy that as that would be less OP this month. BUT I do think that surely I cant live like this for the next 14 years :(

    I am looking at things that are in sales and on offer and thinking how much could I resell that for!
    I hope it doesnt completely take over my life but I am thinking of the end goal and how much easier my future will be after all the hard work. Wish I had started it years ago!

    Good Luck
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