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Please feel free to move this if i have posted in the wrong place.

Needing to remove fat more than weight, I have mobility issues nothing to bad but it does effect my right side , arm slightly and right leg also weaker than my left side and would benefit from personal training assistance to build a program that would remove fat from stomach area and build on my other areas whilst taking into account my mobility issues.

I have been looking at details of local council run sports centres nearest ones to me are in the Leven and Kirkcaldy area, good point you can get a months membership to try them out, prices range from £20- £30 a month.
Has anyone used the Fife local athourity sports lesiure gyms ? :j

Other alternative is Bannatynes Gym in Dunfermline
but that ranges from £45 + a month and traveling costs would also increase to get there. :j

Has anyone used the Bannatynes Gym in dunfermline?
Any advice on local athority / large chain in Fife area would be helpful, also any ideas on how to lower cost if the large chain would be better for my needs .

Many thanks


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    The gym in local authority gym in Dunfermline was absolutely fantastic ( I say was as it's currently being refurnished, opens again next year) and the pricing was much better than the private gyms.

    I have a friend who is a member at Bannatynes at Duloch Park and all was well with them for the first 3 months, but after that they found it increasing difficult to get one-to-ones or arrange a time for reviews. For the price you pay there, I'd expect a much better service...

    What ever you do, don't go to Step Up Fitness in Rosyth, it's very well priced, but far too over-subscribed, towards the end of my contract I was queuing for the equipment all the time and half the classes had been cancelled...

    If you do decided to go to Bannatynes, arrange a visit with them, they'll show you round, explain all the pricing etc and then ask you to sign up. DON'T!!! Tell them you'll think about it and within a couple of days they'll call to ask if you've decided, tell them you feel it is more than you can afford. Within the next week or so you should get a letter from them offering a better price (I got offered peak membership for me and the OH for £80 per month, should have been £110)
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    Thanks for the information,
    Leven swimming pool is nearest to me, would save the drive to the private run gym, although i do like the money saving tip about membership .

    I will prob nip into leven to get a look round see what time is busiest, and then review my options.

    I really need the one on one to actually motovate me as i am so lazy.
    The thigh trainer gets used for a 15 mins a day, and 10 mins on the ab lounge and although i do have a wii fit i have recently bought ea active which is better.

    I just need someone to actually push me to the limit ( taking into account my mobility issue ) to help me remove the fat

    Thanks for your help :T
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    Well good luck, I hope you manage to find something that suits you, without costing the earth :)
    If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands

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    If your nearest are Kirkcaldy/Leven then you must be pretty near Glenrothes?

    The gym I'm currently joining is about 30quid a month for gym and pool use (no option for gym on it's own,but there is one for just the pool)

    It's right next to Adam Smith college.
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    Emzycal wrote: »
    It's right next to Adam Smith college.

    How about the Adam Smith College? It's a small facility but pretty good, I joined as a student - but non-students can join too!
  • Fifer73Fifer73 Forumite
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    Never thought about Adam Smith
    Thanks for everyones help and input :beer::j
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