Credit score of 999! But still can't find remortgage deal!! Please help

Back in 2006 I was in an awful state financially. I've worked hard to get back on my feet. No credit cards, no missed mortgage payments, credit score (Experian) 999 = excellent and yet I still can't get a remortgage deal.

My fixed rate ended Aug 08 and since March with good rates on offer have been looking for remortgage. My problem?

Although I earnt £20k last year and there are some 4.5 x salary deaks out there because my work contract is only 10hrs per week (although obviously I work 37hrs +), I can't get lenders to take my salary seriously. I work in the energy industry and job security is good!

Can anyone suggest a lender that might look at my position seriously? Looking at LTV of 80% ish. Please help!

By the way, the guys at London & Country have been excellent (can't praise them enough) but can't help me.

Financially in every other way I'm in perfect health. This is so frustrating as I've worked so hard to get "back on the horse"!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.

Ever hopeful


  • StuartGMCStuartGMC Forumite
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    I guess these days with the hit on "self assessed" and similar approaches to lending they are being more cautious. If you can't remortgage, then perhaps use the low interest rates to get as much OP in place as possible to improve on the LTV?

    You may get a better response on mortgages and endowments thread though?

    Good luck
  • ray123ray123 Forumite
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    You could try a mortgage adviser, who will be able to guide you better.
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