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    Such an interesting read this thread - affirmation being the word that springs to mind !
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    I just wanted to say what an inspiration this thread has been to me - thank you all.

    I've been a Debt-Free-Wannabe for the last 3 years, now just have the last £2,000 to pay off and I was wondering if I should head straight into MFW whilst I've still got the momentum. It hadn't really occurred to me how much the two challenges differed - DFW is all about removing the burden of my past excesses whilst MFW is about securing a good future (for me and my family if I'm lucky enough to have one).

    A lot to think about..... :)


    I dip into DFW because I'm a MFW... a mortgage is just a F&CK off BIG debt.... if you can't afford it and are a financial basketcase any form of debt is a burden.... going DFW, thinking about priorities in spending is the same as MFW. Debt is debt.
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    I dip into DFW because I'm a MFW... a mortgage is just a F&CK off BIG debt.... Debt is debt.

    That's how I feel about our mortgage.
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