CCJ question

I believe I have a CCJ against my name after a dispute with a water company over a bill. I would like to pay this off, but have no information about the CCJ.

I have applied for my credit file, but have a question.

As I know who I owe the money to, should I just call them and ask to arrange payment now, or should I wait for the infomation on the credit file?

What could the consequences be either way?

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    My advice would be to wait and see what your credit report says. Then you will know for certain whether its a CCJ, a default or what. If this happened a while ago you probably have nothing to lose by waiting an extra week or so (as far as I know). Do you know you can apply for your credit report online with experian (creditexpert). You can sign up for a free 30day trial, read your report and cancel before the end of the month. From memory you still have to wait for a pin number to arrive in the post but it only takes a week.
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  • Thanks Tixy. I've applied for the free report, just waiting on the pin.
    Lightbulb moment Oct 2007
    CC AT August payday [strike]7174.14 [/strike][strike]7012.49[/strike] [strike]6837.97 [/strike]6339.68
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