Where to eat in Glasgow?

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Hi all,
I'm going to Glasgow on monday and staying until thursday morning. I'm staying in Novotel in the city centre and was wondering if theres any nice places I can go for an evening meal? I'm going on my own and being a young lady I don't fancy walking very far on my own. Any recommendations would be great!Thanks!


  • From Novotel, you are pretty close to Sauchiehall Street - there are some lovely italian restaurants on there (Topolino's, it's down a flight of stairs) and The Local is good for quality 'pub-style' food. There's also Kama Sutra if you like Indian. All of these are on Sauchiehall Street.

    I *think* it's the street Novotel is on, heading to Sauchiehall, there's Alla Turca which serves Turkish food and has had good reviews from friends, but I haven't been personally.

    What kind of cuisine do you like? If you can think of something you particularly would like, I should be able to come up with something, there's loads of food places in that area!
  • There is also a chinese buffet place chukoku if it is something cheap and cheerfull that you want. I go in for a takeaway box and you often see people eating alone. Failing that he hotel faces right on to the police headquarters where I work so I will throw half my pieces out the window for you.:rotfl:
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    For a special meal you have to go to the
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    You could try the Butterfly & the Pig which is on bath street, behind sauchiehall street.Its a kind of old fashioned style place with yummy homemade food.Its very individual and the puddings are like granny used to make. Here are some details & review from the list and also how to get there.
    Bath street has a few places to eat ,as well as sauchiehall street as the other OP said.
    The GFT do an offer of dinner and a meal where you get to see a film and have a two course meal for £15.
    One of the restaurants is MAMA SAN which is really nice, even if you just want to go there it is heavily recommended & its on bath street.

    Also maybe try Princess square, there is several places to eat in there and it always has a nice busy ( yet calm ) atmosphere.So if you are on your own you wont stick out and it feels nice & safe.There is a nice chinese on the top floor but I prefer the bottom where they sometimes have pre-dinner specals at Darcy's.They are open till midnight and on buchanan street ,so nice & central still.
  • Thanks all! Im quite happy to eat most things, but i just cannot stand any posh nosh, nothing too fancy in terms of the food. Indian, Italian, Chinese, Pub grub -its all good! That GFT offer is really good!
  • iK,
    Central Glasgow is mostly safe, save maybe Sauchiehall St (and lately Bath St too) Thr/Fri/Sat later on at night / foul lager taken.

    Centre of the city, I think that Littlewoods might have closed their cafe, but maybe the BHS one is still open. Fine dining indeed.

    If you get a gap in your schedule, you could do worse than visit the basement cafe called “Where The Monkey Sleeps” for your lunchtime coffee & sandwich.
    It is on West Regent St.. Don't be put off by the silly name & resting bicycle couriers, everybody is A1. Where else can you eat a Stoofa washed down with a Monkhouse?

    Some other thoughts (reaching for your a taxi account)....

    Espresso is a neat coffee bar in Sandyford, corner of Argyle St and Claremont St.

    Cellino's on Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun is good for a light Italian lunch.

    Cherry & Heather is a mini-cafe/takeaway [Indonesian/Japanese accent] on North Gower St in Cessnock.

    The Cafe at House for an Art Lover in Bellahouston Park, not far from Govan, usually gets good lunch reviews.

    Hope your trip goes well.
  • i think this place are doing 50% off your food.


    and apparently it is very good.
    ...work permit granted!
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    Also check out
    you can get discounts on most of the city centre restraunts and you can book up to half an hour before you want to go. Some deals are better than others but dh and I usually get a decent pre theatre meal at a good price.
    KT x
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    Thanks to all posters xxxx
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