Am I the only MoneySavingExpert in the village?



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    I suppose it isn't surprising that people get annoyed when they percieve someone publicly claiming credit for something they have been doing themselves. Whenever a loophole or new way to extract money from the system appears there will be plenty of people who recognize it for themselves independently.

    The strength of this site and the way Martin has managed to capture the public interest is that the best ideas are all gathered together in one place and easy to access. Many of us either do not have the time to do the research or do not have the knowledge or ability to find the relevant data. Sometimes we don't even know it is there to be found. The sheer number of people using the site means that there is tremendous strength in depth in the chat forum, and ideas gained from there can be checked with Martin's carefully researched articles for reassurance or otherwise!

    I think this is an absolutely fabulous site and it is now the first place I look for advice on anything from which credit card to get next to how to remove stains from my carpet. It is also a constant source of accidental discoveries and solutions to problems that have been unsolved for some time. When the e-mail arrives in my inbox it is always the first one I read, regardless of what else is there.

    There are other people who regularly appear on television sorting out financial messes, but in my experience they all do it by concentrating on cutting back, not rearranging things to get the best from what you have. Martin's approach appears to be unique, and he thoroughly deserves to be called the only money-saving expert.
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    Hi Martin
    Ignore the detractors - they''ll always be there (though fortunately in a very small minority). You are providing an excellent service and I'm sure the vast majority of the 500K or so subscribers back you in your efforts. That you have made a living from your endeavours should be of no consequence to anyone. You have worked hard and continue to do so. And at something you love profoundly. You deserve any rewards.
    Here's to even more money saving in the future - pro or amateur!
    "He that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing" Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
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    Judi wrote:
    Martin, whatever you call yourself, someone will complain. Be proud of what you have done, and what you have acheived - which is an emormous amount, in a short space of time.

    Big hugs to you xxx

    That's an understatement Judi, despite the kisses ;)

    The blog entry's 'hanging' for some reason, but despite that, I get mail from Fool, Chris whatshisname, and every other person(s) that think they can save me money. Only I can save money, but I can make money work for me with the help of this site. And, imo, only this site.

    I delete them all ... and wonder how I was ever included in their mailing list. Probably through a competition or crossword puzzle? ;)

    I'm still not getting this blog entry, but why's anyone worrying? Especially Martin? He's only a couple of years older than one of my ankle-biters who has a degree, but not in money-saving unfortunately.

    I don't understand stoozing, shuffling credit cards etc, but I know a good site when I see it ... and this is as good as it gets Judi :)

    Thanks Martin. If you make some dosh out of it ... good. So do I sometimes :D
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    Tim_L wrote:
    .....where sites like TMF still shamelessly stick up popups for very dodgy penny share schemes.

    That's enough for me to never visit the site. Pop ups? That's not the way forward. I'd imagine, and this is just a guess, that the C4 forum, (massive site), lost more posters because of pop-ups than any other reason.

    Thanks for pointing it out Tim_L ... I'll definitely give TMF a wide berth.
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