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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Child Support
i was hoping someone could help me, Im a single mum, claiming incapacity benifit, ive got a rented property and i pay towards the rent and council tax. My Ex parrtner hasnt got a job at the moment. Im bringing up my child and paying my bills and paying toward council tax and rent on my own, on incapacity benifit, im recieving cb, and child tax credit, but i dont seem to get any more help now im a single mum with a house to run. Is there anyway my ex partner should be paying maintaince, or is their any extra help out there. Men just seem to get away with it!!!!!!!
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  • mspigmspig Forumite
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    Have you asked about getting income support instead as you have a child, as you get more money and your council tax and housing costs are paid for.

    Also it may be worthwhile aking if you get the right amount as the government states how much you need to live on and if this is not the amount of incapacity then you can get it topped up by income support with the same thing for council/housing costs.
  • I tried to apply for income support and they said my incapacity was the right choice for me and i cannot choose what to be on, so i asked if i could have income support to top up my inacapacity and thet said im not entitled.
    My ex doesnt even buy me a pack of nappies!!!!
  • mspigmspig Forumite
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    How old is your child?

    If they are of school age i would state that i need to come off incapacity but i can't work because of my child so i need to claim income support.

    Just one way to get round them.

    When we applied at our jobcentre for our benefits we were told we could get this or that and had to choose which we wanted.

    Hope this helps.
  • mspigmspig Forumite
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    Just thought if its nappies you need then you must have a baby/toddler so you will surely be intitled to income support.
  • Thank you i will ring up again tomorrow and see what they say.
  • Any entitlement to Income Support is determined by how much income you have coming into the household.

    Say for example, the maximum amount of Income Support that you would be entitled to is £100.00 and you have £110.00 coming in, in other forms of income, ie, incapacity benefit, child benefit and child tax credit, then your income exceeds your entitlement to Income Support by £10.00. That will probably be why you won't be entitled to any Income Support. IS do not pay for the children any longer, this is what the child tax credit is for and your incapacity benefit is probably far more than what you would get if you were on Income Support anyway.

    You could ask for the council to reass your HB claim. If your original claim to HB and CTB was based on your income + your partners wages, then the chances are you would be entitled to more help with your rent as your household income has reduced.

    Maintenance is obviously a route you can go down, you could contact the CSA or if you are on good terms, you could come to agreement with your ex. Don't know what your situation is, sorry.

    My first port of call would be checking with the council, as to whether you are entitled to any more help with your rent though. Good luck.
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    Your Incapacity Benefit is likely to be a small amount more than Income Support would be. As someone suggests a way round this would be to go onto Income Support which would mean that you would be able to get free school meals and other advantages from IS. You will also be entitled to free prescriptions on IS.

    You should be able to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. Because your ex is not working you would get only a minimal amount from him. If you claim IS they automatically notify CSA to try to get maintenance.
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  • If your ex is getting Jobseeker's Allowance the CSA can ask for a small amount from his JSA, used to be about £5 pwk. But if you've seen/heard the news in the last few days, it said the CSA is over a year behind on new cases so if you go to them it will be forever before your case gets looked at. (I'm not having a go at CSA staff, I have friends who work for them, but their excuse for a computer system and management)
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