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So today I was just browsing through my accounts when I noticed that I had been charged twice for being over drawn in November. I called my bank the Natwest and asked what was going. They informed me that the 28 pound charge was for going over drawn (which is fair enough) and then they said that the other 30 pound charge was for honouring the direct debit. Well I have not been over drawn for a long time. The only reason it happened this time was because the Royal Sun Alliance took money of the accoutn with out telling me. Anyway 58 pounds for being over drawn for a few days seems absolutley outrageous. Unsure what to do:rolleyes:.

Please help


  • is this your first ever charge when not give em another ring and ask if they will refund it as a good will gesture
    :mad: still waiting on halifax claim

    :mad: i hate csa
  • Yes this is the first time I have been over drawn on this account and I did give them a call and they were having none of it. Not surprising really when they have lost so much money. So I am going to complain to Royal Sun Alliance as they were the one's that took the money when they should not have. So I hope this will be a better route.
  • I'm pleased that you are going to pursue this with royal sun alliance as from the sounds of op this was their error, not yours or the banks.
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